• Satka Street Art Festival
    International Festival of Street Art

"Satka Street Art Fest" is the international street art festival introduced in 2017 by «Sobranie» Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund, Magnesite Group and Satka District Administration. 

The city has become an open-air gallery, with building facades being the canvases and the collection comprising the works of the most popular, world-famous artists. In fact, Satka can be called the center of street art on a global basis. Last year it was attended by artists from Russia, Switzerland and Italy, this year – by artists from Russia, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy and RSA. Coming from different countries, they share their native culture and outlook with local citizens who get an opportunity to be the spectators and participants of this colorful visual journey.   

2017 – Participants of "Satka Street Art Fest" changed Satka

2018 - "Satka Street Art Fest" – new formats