• Soaring Bicycles

The space of crossing between the buildings of the branch of the South Urals State University are filled in by soaring bicycles. This illusion was created during the international Satka Street Art Fest by Danila Shmelyov, a Moscow artist, writer, who has been developing 3D graffiti for many years.

Danila’s works decorate building facades in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk, Tomsk, and many other cities of Russia and other countries. Satka population also knows his creativity. Last year, during Satka Street Art Fest, he created an abstract painting in the post office building. This time, Danila is offered to use the wall in the crossing between the buildings of the branch of the South Urals State University as his canvas.

– Why did I paint bicycles? I like cycling. I also ride a bicycle. In summer, I use a bicycle as the main means of transport. It’s often the case that riding a bicycles gets you to your destination point faster than the public transport, unless you need to cross the city, of course, – the artists explains. – Besides, I already have similar sketches that I didn’t have an opportunity to turn into the completed work. I created one of them for Holland. It had clear associations with the country, such as bicycles, ships, mills, bridges. But the customers did not choose it. I created the second sketch for Stavropol, but ultimately I didn’t go there. A sketch for Satka is a new one, the initial idea was transformed. Here there are other bicycles, another arrangement.

– And are there cases when you have to modify the idea while working? To add or to remove something? – Danila is asked.

– It’s almost always the case – with every object there are nuances you have to tackle on site. As only in 30% out of 100% you manage to see the wall before you start working. Most often, I use Google maps to see where the sunshine is falling, and what is around this wall. For the 3D technique I adhere to, light plays an important role, especially when one painting is made on a variety of surfaces. I slightly adjusted this work as well. I changed the perspective so that the painting could be clearly seen from a certain point.

This point is in the yard of the building – near the entrance to workshops of Savin’s Satka Polytechnica College. It is from here that you should assess the work – it’s a complete illusion that you face not the wall, but an arch or an opening, in which bicycles soar. Since the bicycles have been drawn by Danila in gray shades, just like the abstraction in post office building, I wonder, if this color palette is his visit card? 

– Really, I like shades of gray. The monochrome paintings helps draw attention to the form. But I also create bright paintings sometimes. Thus, quite recently I draw a huge torn plastic bag on the wall of the two-storeyed trading center during STENOGRAFFIA fest in Ekaterinburg. As if someone wanted to set the building free. If I am invited, I will be glad to come to the festival the next year to create something bright.

– And do you paint only for street art festivals?

– No. Sometimes I accept commercial orders, but only if it gives me an opportunity to implement my own ideas and sketches.

Source: Magnezitovets

Photo by Ksenia Maximova, Anna Pilippova, Denis Shakirov, Fund "Sobranie". 

Video by Denis Shakirov.