On July 16 the firts part of the project called "Satka: city code" of Moscow photographer Ivan Kurinniy has opened in "Ruina" art-space. 

The project was implemented with the support of Magnezit Group, Sobranie Fund and the Satka District Administration.

From the portraits presented in the exhibition, the viewer is looked at by workers of the town-forming enterprise, veterans of labor, teachers, as well as representatives of the young generation. It seems that all of them are frozen in a moment, and just to say “cut!” and they will continue to move.

"In cartoons, there is a trick where a magician takes off his hat and his image changes instantly. It’s the same feeling I have with my portrait of Eugene Derevyannykh. When he takes off the helmet, he will be someone else", sharing the impressions Anna, the guest of the exhibition.

In the portrait of Vladislav Nizamov, many found similarities with American actor Johnny Depp. But, despite the presence or absence of similarity with celebrities, everyone who got into the lens of Ivan Kurinniy could feel themselves as “stars” without exception.

Natalia Karimova says with a smile “I was surprised to get an invitation from a famous photographer. I was worried, and I did not expect my photo to be one of the first to appear. It’s interesting to look at myself from outside, I even feel like a model”.

All portraits of Satka people are made in black and white, this technique makes it possible to better feel the emotions and meaning embedded in them. It also helped to balance the photos with each other, as they were taken in completely different places, with different lighting.

"Satka is the town of great cultural endeavors. When working on the project, Ivan and I looked for an answer to the questions: what Satka people look like, who they are, whether we can get an idea of the town by looking at the faces of those who live in it, work in it, for whom it is a home. A total of 150 portraits were taken. For the exhibition were chosen 21 photos. This just tells us of the start of a story that will become long-playing", says the curator of the exhibition Elizabeth Korzheva.

"I would call this project “Satka in faces”. I recall Solnechnaya Street, where many years ago we placed on banners portraits of cutting-edge workers of manufacture. With today’s project, that story is coming back. We are proud of people living in our territory", said Alexander Glazkov, Head of Satka District.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov.