Famous street artists continue carrying out eating unusual experiments during Satka Street Art Fest. Timur Abdulaev (Brazil) from Chelyabinsk turned an unremarkable building in Satka’s Western District into the huge aquarium.

Timur worked with his assistant. But the entire building turned out to be too large a task even for two artists. Well, the guys are no strangers for large-scale projects. Timur has already implemented an abundance of interesting projects that impressed dozens and maybe even hundreds of thousands spectators. Many people have seen the portrait of Stanislav Cherchesov, the Russian football manager, or his panorama of Sebastopol battle. His graffiti portrait of Sergio Ramos, a captain of the Spanish football team, also roared across the country in 2018. The giant picture decorated one of the facades of the Krasnodar high-rise.

This summer, Brazil is actively painting in the Southern Ural. It was his creativity that brought bright graffiti of African animals to life along the fence of the Chelyabinsk Zoo. In one of the yards of the regional capital, a giant telephone decorated the facade of the house as if reminding that no one should postpone calling to the people that matter to us. Timur transformed the back wall of the popular Chelyabinsk mall. Instead of the gray concrete, city residents can now enjoy the ocean, with the natural-size whale calf splashing in the water.

The artist continued the marine theme in Satka. A couple of lovely dolphins, a shark, with its jaws open wide, and other denizens of the sea decorate the wall of the industrial building. In the center of this team one can see a professional diver courageously examining the water depths. So now, due to Timur, Satka has got its piece of the sea: all you have to do to get there is to have a walk across the town.


Timur Abdulaev is the Chelyabinsk resident; he’d lived in Brazil at the age from 5 to 14, where he’d gained his first painting experience. Now, his works can be seen in different municipal organizations of Chelyabinsk and on the building facades. Google included one of Timur’s projects in the map as part of Away from the Capital contest.  

Photo by Vasily Maximov, Anna Pilippova.