• Painted Dreams

Satka Street Art Fest that already became a tradition started in our city July, 3. Hendrick Beikirch, a famous German artist, became its first participant. In his project, Satka Dreamville, the virtuoso revealed a wide range of emotions children delivered to us: spontaneity, sincerity and inexhaustible expectations of miracle.

- Creating the aerosol art picture I met young residents of the house. I am touched that the boys and girls, who have never been interested in any creativity, started painting suddenly. So I wanted to do a master class for them. And, a year after, I am in Satka again drawing dreams with these kids, – the artist says. - It’s the first time I work with children in such format. As a rule, master classes are arranged quickly and spontaneously. Here it’s quite a different and very heartfelt story.

The master of painting in monochrome drew the portraits of his young friends on 3 x 4 meters plywood structures that acted as drawing canvas, and they depicted their dreams under each of them.

- All children painted by Hendrick are chosen with some purpose in mind. We remember Kirill, who brought a glass of water to the artist, and Vasya, who started drawing after Hendrick left. Nikita, who had not expressed himself in any way and just had been somewhere around, suddenly started drawing and very delicately showed his works. The kids took a liking to Hendrick and throughout the year they were drawing, took strides and dreamt to see him. This is the story of their dreams, of the idea that we can do something together to make them true, - adds Valeria Tsoy, coordinator of cultural projects of  Sobranie Fund. – If you look at the work of Vasya Suslov, you’ll learn that he dreams of going to Paris to attend the match of his favorite football team, Paris Saint-Germain. While drawing, Vasya was telling about his favorite team all the time. But the first he started his work with is the Eiffel Tower and sakura. Then he added the arc de triomphe, clouds, a table with a cup of coffee on it. And the logo of the football club completed the drawing.

- I like this work very much. We seem to teach children, but actually children make us learn from them. Vasya is not afraid of anything. He came and saw this structure. And as soon as he was told what to do, he started drawing without feeling anxious about the result. He reproduced the upper part by the photo, in which I am about his age. And the lower part, apparently looking at the present-day me. As you see, in the drawing I wear blue jeans, black espadrilles, the belt just like the one I am wearing now. The similarity is obvious, – Hendrick smiles. – What dream will I draw? I don’t know exactly. I have lots of ideas. But it surely will be connected with drawing – this is what I’ve always been interested in, what I have been doing all my life.

We’ll learn of the dreams of the artist and his young friends pretty soon. For two months since the Steel Worker Day celebration, the plywood canvases will decorate the square in front of Magnezit Cultural Center. It will host works performed by other participants of Satka Street Art Fest – by street artists from Ekaterinburg and Chelyabinsk, students and teachers of the art departments of the district Children Schools of Art, graphic designers and volunteers of Bright Satka youth project.

- The theme of this year's festival is "the Symphony of the Urals". It united different categories of participants connected with each other through their love for creativity. But the “symphony” meaning concord is not only in its name. There is a plan to put a QE code on every work. Focusing their gadget on the work, every person can listen to the music that artist listened to or was inspired by when creating this picture. This will augment the picture perception.

Source: Magnezitovets.

Photo by Vasily Maximov, Anna Pilippova, Valeria Tsoy. 

Video by Denis Shakirov.