• Bright and Explosive

The collection of the open-air gallery of the "Symphony of the Urals" was enriched with a very lush, bright, color dense cube loaded with the special energy of mastership and music. And this is not the only work made by Nebay for Satka. Together with Satka children, the French guest painted Bakalskaya bus stop. Now it is filled with bright colors and explosive emotions in the unique style of the artists, so that not a single centimeter is left of the old structures, except for the roof and the name of the bus stop that brushes and spray paints of the creative team left untouched. The rest of the “canvas” is now the delight to the eye that makes passers-by smile. 

By the way, even before the work was over, Magnezit employees leaving to the factory from here, people, who live in the houses looking on the this bright work of art, and passing drivers gave positive feedback with their gestures and encouraging comments. The artist also left his comment: “Love is everywhere”.

At present, he is about to give us another big and amazing surprise! We are sure to tell about it a little bit later, and today we invite you to meet his creativity in the gallery next to Magnezit Cultural Center and Bakalskaya street.

Source: Magnezitovets

Photo by Anna Pilippova, Fund "Sobranie".