• The Union of Moscow, Paris and Magnezit

An unusual portable objet d'art appeared in Magnezit. Nebay, a famous French artists, decorated one of the diesel locomotive of the railway facility of the internal logistics department with graffiti. The work is performed in the course of Satka Street Art Fest. Our railway workers have never got such an unusual present for their professional holiday (this year, it is August 4)!

The artist wrote “Satka” word in graffiti style on the one side of the locomotive, “Magnezit” – on the other side, with “Paris – Moscow”, “united” next to it.

– I saw this locomotive during the introduction tour and asked, if I could make a painting on it. The top management of the enterprise agreed to the proposal, but asked to use corporate colors in the picture. This sketch was selected among the several options offered. It takes longer and is more difficult to work according to the sketch as you have to take into account all details. And personally I would never prefer gray, I like bright colors: yellow, red, pink, – Nebay confesses. – I used them when painted one of the bus stops of your town. I thought that during the cold winder people would want to see the shades they missed during this time of the year. Yellow is the color of the sun, so I made it the basic color.

The artist knows what is severe winter from his personal experience. He visited such cities as Vladivostok, Perm, Ekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow, Irkutsk.

– I made my first trip along Russia via Mongolia and China by train about 10 years ago. So, I see painting the locomotive as a kind of milestone event for me. Though in my native country I’ve already used the chance to paint graffiti on the railway carriage (my nickname), – he says.

During his recent trip to Norilsk, Nebay heard about Satka as a center of the street art in Russia.

– Of course, I wanted to come to your town right away. And I am glad I’ve managed to. Satka is very cozy and convenient. Everything is next to each other. You don’t need the car to move around the town, – Nebay says.

- I noticed here a lot of places and interesting objects to paint at. I’ve got many ideas. I hope once I will come back to make them true.

Nebay does not hide that he had not learns in any special educational institutions and learnt everything by himself.

– I became fond of graffiti at the age of 12. It was my inner need, my means of self-fulfillment. You have enough freedom in graffiti, and even if you haven’t learnt drawing, you can do it in any case irrespective of your abilities, – the artists considers.

It is the art without rules. You can do what is not beautiful, but you create the work of art, and you are a creator. I developed from an illegal artist and became recognized. I own a studio in the suburbs of Paris, where I live. I show the works I create there in the galleries and sell them at auctions.

– And have you already completed projects for industrial enterprises? – I ask my partner in conversation.

– Yes. But they were of lesser scale than here, in Magnezit. In French enterprises I painted lighting fixtures, postboxes, information signs.

Source: Magnezitovets.

Photo by Ksenia Maximova, Fund "Sobranie".