An artist from the Netherlands, Ronald van der Voot (Zedz), has painted the facade of one of the buildings of the Fused Periclase Production Department (Administration Building of Magnesite Powder Workshop-4).

This work in the corporate colors of Magnezit Group will change not only the facility itself, but also the industrial landscape. Thanks to the bright, multilayer abstract graffiti, the factory panorama will never be the same.

When leaving Satka after the completion of this major project, Zedz created a new robot in the city, not far from the ambulance building. The artist wrote the following message on his Instagram: “RWG is preparing for the winter in Satka”.

It should be reminded that earlier Zedz already worked in Satka and at Magnezit: he created robots on the territory of the Hunger and Railway Workshop, painted one of the diesel locomotives in his own style, and added a new object to his last year’s work “50-50” (at Magnezit Cultural Centre) in the center of the city.

Photo by Vasiliy Maksimov, Anna Dubrovskaya. 

Video by Denis Shakirov.

Source: Magnezitovets.