• My Satka
    Architectural Festival

The Annual International Festival which was already held in Satka three times: from July 24 to August 2 in 2016, from May 21 to 27 and September 7-14 in 2017, and from August 10 to November 9, 2018. 


The project has the form of training seminar where team of volunteers and experts create urban amenities.


Groups of volunteers led by professional architects and urbanists develop and build functional amenities to improve urban environment.


The project that won the 2018 «Champions of Good Deeds-2017» competition in the Local Communities nomination.


In 2018, project «My Satka» won the first competition of the Presidential Grant Fund


2016 - "My Satka" festival concluded


2017Metamorphoses of "My Satka"


"My Satka" festival wins the contest of corporate volunteer projects


2018"My Satka" festival wins the first competition of the Presidential grant fund


"My Satka" has a home