• Carmen

This festival is the part of the unique project “Big art for small towns”. The program will start in Satka not by accident. For several years already, the tradition for holding the “Philarmonic meetings” is maintained there, and thanks to this tradition, the whole new generation of connoisseur of classical music has been raised. It was Satka where one of the last concerts of Elena Obraztsova was held, and the part of Carmen in the cognominal opera by Georges Bizet, performed by Elena Obraztsova, is recognized as unequalled and flawless throughout the world.

“We’re often blamed, that all cultural events are held in Chelyabinsk or Magnitogorsk. Especially when the high art is concerned”, – noted the first deputy of the minister of culture of Chelyabinsk region Grigory Tsukerman. – The mission of the state is just to make the high art masterpieces available for as many people as possible”.