• Development of cooperation Stroganov Moscow State University

Year of project creation: 2016

5th year students of the environmental design department of the Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts named after S.G. Stroganov developed propositions for improvement of urban and industrial territories in Satka city (Chelyabinsk Region).

For Satka industrial zone, the group of young designers proposed their ideas for organization and shaping of public areas and guest pedestrian route, which is of utmost importance for the factory, because these areas are used to arrange excursions not only for customers and partners of Magnezit group, but also for school children and students under the professional orientation programs.

Attention of the second design group was focused on the territory of the Magnezit cultural center, on which the students proposed to create additional resting places, as well as decoratory composition, “The Rock Garden”, using local minerals.

The prepared project have the applied nature, are highly mature and will be implemented by
“stroganov students” in 2016 as the graduation work with organizational support from Magnezit Group, Sobranie Fund and administration of Satka municipal district.

In June, 2016, summer intern of students of monumental and decorative painting department of the Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts named after S.G. Stroganov has started in Satka. Winners of contest, organized by Sobranie Fund and city administration of Satka, have been painting one of the facades of Magnezit Group administration building. “The painting is made according to the best traditions of modernism of the first half of XX century, interpreted in the light of contemporary creative graphics: vivid applicative silhouettes, clear lines are intended to be viewed from a distance. This work of art spectacularly fits into the overall look of Proletarskaya street, the design project for which was proposed by Ivan Korzhev, - told specialists from the Stroganov University. – The established decorative composition corresponds not only to street lamps and border stones, framing the street, but also to the distant silhouette of the “Hammer and Sickle” monument”. Overall, this resembles the art of the first years after the Revolution, the anniversary of which will be celebrated around the world in 2017. This bright positive charm enlivens the standard housing of Satka, supports the vivid solution used for the city center, actively works during night time, when it reacts to illumination”.


Classical panel picture of the great French artist Fernand Leger “The Construction Workers”, the painting by the Russian avant-garde painter of 1920s Kliment Redko “The Factory”, and picturesque experiments of French architect Le Corbusier (so called “purism”) were selected as prototypes, which inspired the young authors.