An architectural festival was held in Satka from July 24 to August 2. The festival was organized with the support of Sobranie Fund and Marsh Lab architectural bureau in the form of the My Satka workshop. During 10 days, four teams of architects from various cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Ivanovo, Ufa, Moscow) and 70 volunteers from Satka designed four wooden architectural objects which were installed in various parts of the city.

The team of Aleksey Melnikov from Ufa presented a large wave-like bench named Ural Mountain which was placed on the bank of the pond in the old part of the city and is intended to become the most photographed in the city. The team of Mikhail Shatrov implemented a multifunctional arbor Yard which “restarted” life in the yard between houses No. 14 and No. 20 on Industrial Street. In the arbor, one can play board games or make barbecue. The arbor also has various non-standard entertainments for children. The Arc facility (19th quarter) made by the team of Natalia Parsadanova (St. Petersburg) is the gallery in a residential house arc which will now become the exhibition space for local amateur photographers club. A grandiose amphitheater was made under the guidance of Alexandra Chertkova (Moscow) near Magnezit Culture Center. Now, one can meet sunsets here and admire the rock garden stretched out before the amphitheater. City residents of all generations took active part in transformation of city streets under the guidance of architects and designers.

It should be noted that each facility created in the workshop was beautified with urban gardening under the guidance of dendrologist Igor Safiullin, and only ecologically clean and natural materials were used upon creation of the expositions. Tutors and participants tried to bring missing, in their opinion, elements in usual city space of Satka, conforming them with residents’ desire. All facilities created are functional and interact with peoples.

– We are witnessing a worthy event for Satka, – head of the Satkinsky Municipal District Alexander Glazkov said during the ceremony of opening of facilities created during the festival. – If there is a desire, a lot can be done for the city even in 10 days, and the most important thing that young guys joined the process. I hope that the facilities created will become favorite recreation areas for residents and guests of Satka. I genuinely want this event to become the beginning of long creative collaboration in which we will create a lot of facilities popular among Satka residents.

It should be noted that after the workshop the facilities created are transferred to the city, and the providers hope that local residents will preserve and augment all that was done in the 10 days.