• "INFINITY" performance by Olga Kiselyova

The "Infinity" performance can be seen in Satka, Magnezit Cultural Centre. It was created by Olga Kiselyova, who is an artist, professor at Sorbonne University and director of the International Institute of Art and Science, and worked in the Satka art residence of Sobranie Fund.

The idea of the performance originated in the Louvre Museum in Lens (a mining town-factory in Northern France), where Olga Kiselyova was invited to take part in an exhibition dedicated to the opening of the Museum. The new ultramodern museum building consisting of several modules, seems to be an ideogram encrypted into the landscape. When seen from up above, the architectural ensemble looks like the mathematical infinity symbol. The performance represented a public reproduction of the infinity symbol in the museum gardens and emphasized the role of the art institution that preserves art, helping it to overcome time and gain immortality, to infinity. 

In Satka, the performance was brought to realization in the space of the industrial landscape of the Berezovsky quarry of Magnezit Group, which redefined the meaning of the event. It has made the infinity and immortality of the industrial production culture visible, this modern way to connect with the immortality of natural materiality. 

More about the performance.

The project was delivered as part of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, and supported by the National Centre for Contemporary Art. 

The perfomance will run until December 10.

Photo by Vasiliy Maksimov, Denis Shakirov. 

Shooting and editing video - Anton Fadeev (Fly-Ural.ru)