"Infinity" performance is a new project of Satka residence of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contamporary Art that was implemented with support of Sobranie Fund. 

Together with Magnezit employees, Olga Kiselyova, the author of the project, an artist, head of the Art And Science Department of Sorbonne University (Paris) created a huge symbol of infinity in the Beryozovsky quarry of Magnezit Group. 

Her idea is in rethinking the industrial heritage and translate it into another dimension. “This is a dimension of infinity of the nature we protect from adverse effect of industrial hazards. At the same time, the industrial heritage is also a cultural phenomenon. We deliver the industrial aesthetics to the forefront, show its beauty, – Olga says. – I was impressed by forms of Magnezit quarries, by beauty of the relief and colors. And some roads here also show the infinity sign. While red is my favorite color. Besides, in Russian “red” and "beautiful” are synonyms. That’s why, when we want to do something significant, we often use the red color".

Adapted from Magnezitovets. Photo by Denis Shakirov.