• The Ural Symphony to be Drawn in Satka

July 3 - end of October, Satka will again turn into the vast art space. This year, the organizers suggested the street art festival participants should dream on the topic of the «Ural Symphony». For it is the music that is able to unite people, its language understood by every heart. Symbolically that it is Satka that will host artists from Russian and foreign cities. During the last years, the town saw celebrities of the world music scene perform, artists from different countries of the world create their projects, pictures from the collections of the best country museums find their place in the exhibitions. 

In three years, "Satka Street Art Fest" rocketed Satka to fame of the center of the international street art. Here, artists from Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, and the Republic of South Africa created their works. This season, project participants will include artists from Germany, Netherlands, France, representatives of the street wave of the Ural Region, professional masters of the Satka District and quite young artists.

The Fest will help painters not only share experience and create new works through their joint efforts. This is also a truly cultural event Satka residents are looking forward to. Every year, works of the Festival participants become true decoration of the town and evoke intense response from mass media.

July 3 – 8, Hendrick Beikirch, a famous German artist, will work in Satka. In his project, «Сатка Dreamville», the virtuoso will discover a wide range of emotions children deliver to us. Spontaneity, sincerity and inexhaustible expectations of miracles – all of this will be reflected by Beikirch through children’s portraits.

July 13 – 19, Danila Shmelev (Shozy) will present his special project to Satka residents. He plans to transform the cross-walk between buildings of the South Urals State University. This work is supposed to result in the 3D painting on the building. 

July 11 – 12, the creative tore will be passed to the Ural street art painters Sergey Akramov, Alexey Batis, Timur Abdulaev (Brazil), Daniil Danet and Maxim Revansh. Their works in different Ural cities are well known to the public. This time, the guys will paint on the special structures together with Satka young talents. The pictures will take their place in the square near Magnezit Cultural Center by turning the space in the open-air gallery.

July 16 – 30, Nebay, a French street art painter, will come to the Festival. He developed multiple master classes for the event participants. Satka might well get a new art object from him as well. 

August 10-17 ZEDZ from the Netherlands will work in Satka. This is not the first visit of the master to the Southern Urals. A year ago, he transformed two transformer houses with the help of a geometric pattern. This time he will paint another of the city's facilities, as well as transform the territory of the Magnezit plant with his work.


About the Festival and Participants:

"Satka Street Art Fest" is the International Street Art festival founded in 2017 by Sobranie Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund, Magnezit Group and the Local Government of the Satka Region. In 2019, the festival participants will include nine famous Russian and foreign painters. 

Hendrick Beikirch (ECB) is the author of the largest street art portrait in Asia. His major is gigantic photo realistic portraits of people; he prefers black and white palette.

Ronald van der Voet (ZEDZ) is a painter from the Netherlands. He is a graduate of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie  in Amsterdam. He is called the pioneer of the European graffiti: he started his creative career in the end of the 1980-ies. ZEDZ experiments with different materials at the junction of architecture, design, street art and graffiti.

Daniil Danet is an author from Yekaterinburg that joins together graffiti with design, architecture and modern art.  The painter sees abstraction as a universal language fit to express ideas and emotions.  At the same time, the absurd sense is combined with the academic color stroke.

Danila Shmelyov (Shozy) is an artist form Moscow. He has been engaged in graffiti for more than 10 years. Now, the author creates 3D illusions virtually on any surfaces, whether these are building facades or asphalt.

Sergey Akramov (Sunset) is a painter from Yekaterinburg, who practices not only street art and graffiti, but also easel painting. Sergey works feature specific “layerage” and “raggedness” that create the multi-dimensional perception of the space inside the picture. The author often mixes the classical landscape with urban aesthetics.

Alexey Batis (Batis) is an artist from Chelyabinsk; he has been engaged in street art since 2000. The graduate of the faculty of finance and law of the South Urals State University creates paintings with typically clear lines, flat filling without stretching and mono-color background.

Timur Abdulaev (Brazil) was born in Chelyabinsk and lived in Brazil since 5 until 14, where he gained the first painting experience. Now his paintings can be seen in different municipal organizations of Chelyabinsk and on the facades of the houses. One of his recent works is a huge whale on the building of the popular Chelyabinsk mall.

Maxim Revansh is a painter from Dolmatovo of the Kurgan Region. He inspires from unusual places for creativity. Thus, in Yekaterinburg he created the Energy of the House project right on the subway car, and turned Rospechat booth in the true kaleidoscope.

NEBAY is a famous French street artist, a master of calligraffiti and large bright panels on the building walls.  He has been engaged in graffiti painting for 25 years.  One of the most famous projects of Nebay became a series of rolled-out prints that parodied intrusive advertizing images.

Video by Denis Shakirov.