• Transformation 2 – City as an art object

Graffiti, aerosol art pictures and posters will continue Satka’s modern transformation during Satka Street Art Fest, the second International Festival of Street Art.

The Fest will host graffiti artists virtually from all over the world – Hendrik Beikirch from Germany, Hua Tunan from the PRC, Fintan Magee from Australia, Ricky Lee Gordon, monumental illustrator from the South African Republic. And the first to start work will be famous street artists from Russia – Aleksey Luchko (Luka) and Danila Shmelev.

Colorful transformation of the town will start June 5, to extend almost throughout the summer season. During this time, the transformation will cover the building of the former BelAZov repair shop that now hosts landmark cultural events of the town, the Post Office headquarters, water tower built in the 1970-ies, a part of the building of school No. 4, and two facades of residential houses situated in Metallurgov str. and 40 Let Pobedy str.

Throughout the summer, the Fest will offer town citizens and guests to take part in master classes, lectures and film shows revealing the theme of up-to-date art that today goes beyond the gallery space and frames up to the streets of the world. When art takes to the streets, the city changes. It does not just bloom, decorate or even become a scene for this colorful extravaganza. The city itself becomes an object of art.

Let us remind you that Satka Street Art Fest, the second International Festival of Street Art is held in Satka for the second time. The Festival showed the example of urban environment transformation, pushed development of creative potential of young people. Five graffiti works created by three duets of artists – Russian Aesthetics group, Swiss Nevercrew and Italian SOLO & DIAMOND – were solemnly presented to the public June 1, 2017. 

For the reference:

Alexey Luka (Luka) — is one of the most progressive Russian artists, who started graffiti career. He has been involved in creativity for over fifteen years: he draws on the walls and canvases, creates collages, 3D compositions made of wood and other materials, and digital works that always clearly manifest his unique style. Since 2008, Luka works were demonstrated in exhibitions all over the world. 

Danila Shmelev – is a young Russian artist (Moscow). He works in the difficult to perform 3D graffiti style. His works deliver a special metaphoric view at different life situations. Danila has won the second place in Dubai Canvas-2017, a competition of 3D art on the asphalt held in Dubai.

Hendrik Beikirch (Ecb) – is an artist from Bendorf (Germany). He completed the first graffiti work in 1989. He prefers the realism genre and is famous with his giant monochrome portraits. Hendrik Beikirch is the author of 72 meters' work, Old Fisherman  (South Korea, 2012), which is the highest graffiti-decorated building in Asia.

Ricky Lee Gordon – is an artist from Johannesburg, South African Republic. He started painting only in 2014, but his huge Aerosol Art pictures devoted to the theme of nature can already be seen in city wall all over the world. In his works, he examines internal connections of nature, with focus on exposing burning social issues and universal truths. Together with Banksy, he was ranked in the list of the 11 best street artists according to National Geographic.

Hua Tunan – is a street artist from Foshan city district, PRC. His style is a unique fusion of the traditional China ink painting and modern graffiti techniques. In his works, he often depicts animals and tries to attract attention to the second-to-none nature of the Earth. He participates in international street art festivals, has solo exhibitions.

Fintan Magee – is a street artist from Sydney, Australia. In his works he reveals the issues of global community and environment through his personal life experience. With combined real and surrealistic imagery, his works smoothly fit the urban environment. He is the most famous Australian artist.

Photo by Sergey Poteryaev, Anna Filippova, Alexey Luka, Hendrik Beikirch, Ricky Lee Gordon.