People-friendly urban environment project

Public discussion of Karginsky Park area development project took place on 14 June 2017 in Magnezit Culture Centre in Satka.

Karginsky Park territory is covered by the reconstruction plans within the scope of Urban Environment project offered by the United Russia party. It got the second place in public space voting that was announced in spring 2017.   

Moscow-based STRELKA KB got involved in project implementation in 2017 at the initiative of Sobranie Fund. Representatives of the company invited local citizens to discuss the future park project. The meeting was held in the form of a project seminar. 

City residents identified the priority activity areas and came up with basic proposals as to development of Karginsky Park territory. Project curator Anton Ivanov (Strelka KB) presented the general project framework, extracts from predevelopment analysis, main approaches and vision from the organizer’s side. The discussion was moderated by co-design specialist Nadezhda Snigireva (Project Group 8). The project seminar comprised more than 60 persons, including city activists, representatives of local communities and societies, organizers of urban events, coordinators of social, cultural and public projects, school children, people living on the nearby territories, local authorities, entrepreneurs and active city residents. The meeting was attended by Baranov Pavel Andreevich – First Deputy Head of Satka municipal district, Sanina Evgeniya Viktorovna – Chief Architect of Satka municipal district, and the director of Trud Stadium located close to the park.   

The project seminar consisted of three parts. During the first part, the participants held a moderated discussion to voice values and problems of the territory and identify landscaping ideas. During the second part, they worked in groups to develop their own area development vision, establish main targets to be achieved and put the important activities and objects on the map. Each group had the site plan and printed albums with predevelopment analysis findings. The team work format brought different project stakeholders together and enabled them to discuss the issues that were jointly defined as top priorities from the point of view of common area development vision. Following joint discussions, each group presented its Karginsky Park development concept.  

It emerged that most residents of Satka district consider this park a nature-made object and do not want to overload it with the excessive infrastructure. Many people would be happy if it had the pedestrian, cycling and roller-skating zones, a few benches, lights and litter bins. In other words, local citizens view this territory as a place for family recreation and walking.   

Based on all questionnaires and mini-concepts collected in the course of the meeting, representatives of STRELKA Design Bureau developed a common project that will be the basis for implementation of Urban Environment Program. 

The full version of Karginsky Park Report is available here.