• Creation of the Social Culture Center in Satka

Year of project creation: 2014

The Social Culture Center in Satka is a conceptually new development for South Ural. Combining an exhibition hall, museum, library, children’s art school and creative laboratories, this center presents a fresh eye on traditional forms of cultural activity. The Center’s strategy will be based on a wide range of approaches to culture in Satka, will take into account the prospects for transformation of public areas and development of the city, as well as problems, encountered by its inhabitants today. All projects of the Center will be built upon interrelation with the region’s social and cultural heritage, its reinterpretation, and will be based on support from creative groups formed by the young.

POST will become the central hub for the city’s contemporary art, the unique platform, where people will be able to experiment with new formats of social and cultural activity and implement any creative ideas: organize exhibitions, exchange programs, new media festivals, extreme sports activities, fashion shows or open lectures.

As of today, the Center’s primary task is to alter the social paradigm of Satka: education and uniting the generation of people, who will be able to enrich the society with new ideas, create new projects and ultimately form the new urban society, being favourable for creative work and personal self-fulfilment.

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The concept

Aerial photography of the quarry

Panoramic view of the Karagayskiy quarry 

Preview of the Old Factory site