• Incarnation
    of Maximilian Voloshin

Magnezit Group and Sobranie Fund, being members of the “Friends of the Poet’s Memorial House” community and International Guardianship Board of the “Cimmeria of M.A. Voloshin” sanctuary, have prepared special gifts for its 100th anniversary. One of major gifts – the sculpture of Maximilian Voloshin by the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Korzhev-Chuvelev, installed in the garden of the memorial house. In 2012, the chairman of supervisory board of Sobranie Fund, member of the board of Magnezit Group Sergei Korostelev and the Honoured Artist of the Russian Federation Ivan Korzhev became the guardians of the “Cimmeria of M.A. Voloshin” sanctuary. From that moment, the active work for preparation of the memorial house for upcoming anniversary celebration has begun. The project for improvement of garden, mini-park, household outbuildings and a square for public events, surrounding the manor, was developed and implemented under supervision of I. Korzhev, with the participation of Art-bureau XXI company and with financial support of Magnezit Group and Sobranie Fund.

Fanciful pathways were tiled with natural stones, original patterns were contrived for the circus,  fruit trees were encircled with stone flowerbeds, all in accordance with “Voloshin spirit”. But the central gift for the anniversary is the sculpture of Maximilian Voloshin – a wanderer standing on a road way, where all trails meet. According to the sculptor, this image impersonates the laborious way of experience, which Maximilian went along together with his contemporaries, and which we go along today. Thanks to support by Magnezit Group and Sobranie Fund, the Memorial House of M.A. Voloshin and the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino also issued unique printed publications by this remarkable date.

Among them – the first in the museum’s history catalogue of foreign literature being the part of Maximilian Voloshin’s memorial library, as well as the first book in the series “Friends of Voloshin’s House” – “Marina Tsvetaeva and Maximilian Voloshin”, which includes correspondence and writings, reflecting personal and creative ties between these two brilliant poets. During the main event of this anniversary celebrations named “Planet Maks gathers friends”, the Chairman of Verkhovnaya Rada of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Vladimir Konstantinov distinguished shareholders and management of Magnezit Group, among which were Sergei Korostelev, Vladimir Dunaev and Sergei Odegov, with commemorative tokens and granted them the letters of appreciation for active participation in preservation of historical and cultural heritage, their contribution to the development of culture and international cooperation. “Harmonious personal development, formation of cultural background and creative potential are the priorities of Magnezit Group in the area of social policy, — says the Group’s General Director Sergei Odegov. — Support of cultural and art projects, cultural institutions, such as the Memorial House of Maximilian Voloshin, represents another step towards augmentation and promotion of our historical and cultural heritage, preservation of its values for future generations”. Maximilian Alexandrovich Voloshin (1877–1932) — Russian poet, artist, literary critic, art expert.

Apart from a great amount of original poetry (“Cimmerian twilight”, “Poems. 1900-1910”, “In a year of burning world 1915” collections and more), M. Voloshin made a series of translations of French poetry and a wide variety of magazine articles on literary and art. For the most of his life, Voloshin lined in his “Poet’s House” in Koktebel, which became a hospitable place and a hangout for the aristocracy of talent. At various times, Voloshin’s house was visited by V. Bryusov, A. Belyi, M. Gorky, A. Tolstoy, N. Gumilev, M. Tsvetaeva, O. Mandelshtam, G. Ivanov, E. Zamyatin, V. Khodasevich, M. Bulgakov, K. Chukovsky and many other writers, artists, actors and scientists.


Organizers of this project: Magnezit Group and Sobranie Fund, Art-bureau XXI, the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino.