• “The Creators of Worlds” in Satka
    Contemporary sculpture exhibition

Year of project creation: 2011

From July to October 2011, the mobile exhibition of contemporary sculpture “The Creators of Worlds” was held in Satka, Chelyabinsk Region. The works of successors of the great dynasties of Russian artists: Mikhail Pereyaslavets, Alexander and Igor Burganovs and Ivan Korzhev, were exhibited in the interior and in the public garden of Magnezit Cultural Center. This event was held during the year falling on 110th anniversary of Magnezit Group, so it became one of the most important cultural events in the city, gathering more than 15 thousand viewers. Authors of sculptures, as well as executives of Satka municipal district and Magnezit Group management participated in the opening ceremony.

“The Creators of Worlds” is the largest exhibitions for the last twenty years, combining the works of leading Russian contemporary sculptors, recognized both in Russia and abroad. Works of each sculptor are notable for unique authors style and represent a new reality, created by ways of the sculptural arts. In the hands of master sculptors, bronze, steel, glass, plastic, wood amazingly transform into the unique worlds, where every author completely dominates the minds and feelings of art lovers.

Today, these sculptures are held in collections of the leading museums, decorate the squares of different cities and enrich the private collections in many countries. The non-standard approach to organization of this exposition will help to significantly extend the viewing audience. The “mobile exposition” format allows to make the contemporary art closer to people in the regions of the Russian Federation. It is planned that the exhibition will visit all major cities of Ural and Siberia. It’s not a coincidence that Satka was selected as the starting point for this ambitious cultural event, and this decision is based on rich traditions of this city and Magnezit Group, relating to implementation of cultural and educational projects, facilitating the harmonious personal development.

The unique cognominal book was published especially by the opening of “The Creators of Worlds” exhibition, and this book seamlessly extended the main idea of this project, designed to cut the distance between the art and the viewers, and make it possible for everyone to touch the best traditions of the Russian culture. “The Creators of Worlds” exhibition provided Satka citizens with the unique possibility to touch the deep, sensible and multi-faceted world of contemporary intellectual art. Organizers of this exposition: administration of Satka municipal districts, Sobranie Fund, Magnezit Group.