• The Age of Enlightenment
    of Nikolay Novikov

Year of project creation: 2012

Nikolay Ivanovich Novikov (1744–1818) — journalist, public figure, well-known book publisher and publicist of the XVIII century, which made it possible for the Russian audience to get familiar with books “Gulliber’s Travels” by J. Swift, “Robinson Crusoe” by D. Defoe, “The enchanted belt” by J. J. Rousseau, “The instruction or military regulation of the Prussian king to his generals”  by Frederick II, “The natural son” by D. Diderot, and many others. The events, dedicated to life and creative work of Nikolay Novikov, one of the landmark figures in the Russian Enlightenment, were organized and held with support of Sobranie Fund. During October 15-17, 2012, the international scientific conference “Russia and Gnosis: The fate of religious and philosophical strivings of Nikolay Novikov and his peers” was held in the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino in Moscow.

During the conference, ceremonial opening of bust of N.I. Novikov took place. The bust was donated by Sobranie Fund and Delfis Fund by 90th anniversary of VGBIL named after M.I. Rudomino. The bust was created by the Honoured Artist of Russia, member of council of Delfis Fund Ivan Korzhev. A year later, on March 8, 2013, the sculpture was passed to The Ritman Library Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica as part of the A curious Tsar: Peter the Great and Discovering Nature’s Secrets of Amsterdam exhibition. Beyond that, special publication of unique book “The Morning Light” by Nikolay Novikov was issued. This compilation includes archive materials and scientific comments, related to publishing and enlightening activities of Nikolay Novikov and his closest associates. In this book, the second issue of “The Morning Light” magazine was reproduced for the first time, and also the handwritten manuscript by D.I. Popov (1840), containing supplementary materials for biographies of N.I. Novikov and S.I. Gamaleya, was published. Also, this book contained the little-known writing by A. Blok “Bolotov and Novikov”.

Organizers of the project: Sobranie Fund, the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino, Scientific and Educational Center “The Free Philosophical Society”, Delfis Fund, The Ritman Library Bibliotheca Philosophica Hermetica.