• A World Without Borders
    Forum of Cultural Initiatives

Year of project creation: 2012
  • Address:

    Satka , г. Сатка

The forum for development of cultural initiatives “A World Without Borders” took place from December 10 to 12, 2012. It is not a mere chance that Satka, one of small towns in Chelyabinsk Region, was chosen as the place for this forum.

The mainstay for revival of Russian society, its cultural values and traditions, spiritual and moral ideals is the development of small towns. Cultural, educational, scientific and artistic initiatives are aimed at all-round and harmonious development of personality, upbringing of new generation of modern people, needed in the innovative economy. This is particularly important for Ural region, with high concentration of mono-towns. Challenges attributable to development of this territory are inseparable from matters of transformation of society. Organization of public discussion is one step towards the solution of problems of relations in society.

Administration of Satka municipal district, the All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature named after M.I. Rudomino (VGBIL), Sobranie Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund and Magnezit Group acted as initiators and architects of the Forum.