Supervisor, art expert, director of Ekaterinburg branch of the National Center of Contemporary Art (Ural Branch of the NCCA).

Ural Branch of the NCCA is the museum and exhibition and scientific and research organization. The branch started its work in 1999, and chose the strategy of introduction of contemporary art into public urban areas as its basic activity.

From 2005, the Center’s new team implemented several major projects, such as exhibition of the classic of world performance Ulay “Performing Light”, public art festival “StolpoTvorenie”, international project “IN TRANSITION RUSSIA”, contemporary art festival “ART-ZAVOD” and others.

As part of its activity, the Center published the magazine for producers and consumers of art “ZAART” – an informational and analytical publication, dedicated to cultural and artistic life of Ural region and its connections with worldwide art processes. This magazine became a sort of printed “archive” of the Ural art of 2000s. Today, the ZAART is being reformatted into a network resource, intended for presentation of regional projects in the area of contemporary art in Russia and forms the cultural geography of non-Moscow regions. Also, the branch published the DVD-digest “Collection of Ural and Siberian Video”. 

From 2008, Ural Branch of the NCCA implements the “Ural factories: Industry of Meanings”program, the basic idea of which is the unprecedented interaction of contemporary art and industry, artistic reinterpretation of the subject if factories and industrial reality in urban environment.