Satkans presented their projects at the Create. Satka creative projects accelerator event from the Tavrida-Art cluster.

The event was held from 23 to 26 May in Art-Satka with the support from Magnezit Group and the Satka District Development Assistance Fund.

69 applications for participation in the educational program were submitted by residents of Chelyabinsk Region. 41 of them were selected on a competitive basis. 13 Satkans won the right for subsequent training. The winners were Denis Akhmadullin of Magnezit, Andrey Zaitsev, a teacher-organizer at the A. K. Savin Mining and Ceramic College of Satka, Natalia Markevich of the Satka District Development Assistance Fund, regular participants and partners of competitive career guidance projects of Magnezit: Ksenia Bogachyova, Head of the Vmedia media studio, Denis Shakirov, photographer, and others.

“The program for the accelerator event was very rich. Lectures covered various topics such as the agenda and social significance of projects, needs and expectations of the target audience, goal setting, time schedule making, team selection and management, working with partners, etc. – anything up to post-implementation project reports. The participants also attended practice sessions to learn how to make a competent presentation of a project; they were making resource plans, searching for resources and took part in the Design Threads business game and in various entertainment events. This gave them the necessary skills, which will subsequently help them bring their creative ideas to victory in the grant contests Rosmolodyozh. Granty (Russian Youth. Grants) and Tavrida-Art,” said Maria Dodina, the Director of the Satka District Development Assistance Fund.

20 participants were selected for the final project defense. Five of them made it to the final: Polina Karavdina (project: the MEDIAcar career building media-forum, Chelyabinsk), Pyotr Stikhin (the UrbanFest Vozmozhnostey (UrbanFest of Opportunities) youth festival of creative industries, Chelyabinsk), and our fellow Satkans Anton Lapko (Classical Literature in the Format of Immersive Neo-Theater in Head Phones), Andrey Zaitsev (the LineShow theater workshop), and Natalya Markevich (the NON-Classical Botany green space).

In future, all of them will be able to improve their respective projects under the individual supervision of experienced expert mentors of the creative cluster and present them at the Tavrida festival in Crimea and at other forums and platforms that provide grants. Other participants also got the chance to consult experts on applications, but in a group.

“I’d like to thank the organizers of the accelerator event, as well as the teachers who were sharing their experience and knowledge with use for four days. Now, it will be easier for me to see my idea through to fruition. The LineShow Theater Workshop project, which I represented, is a teaching initiative designed to engage young people aged 14 to 18 in studying the art of theater. Including operation of audio and lighting equipment. I’m sure these skills will prove useful to the kids in their lives and help some of them choose their professions. The project is to launch in September 2025,” said Andrey Zaitsev, a teacher at the Satka Mining and Ceramic College.

The expert mentors pointed out that everyone who took part in the training program were winners already. The experience they gained here is sure to pay off and the communication they built with each other will make it possible to bring extra resources into their projects.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by: Vasily Maksimov