On May 23-26, in Satka, the Tavrida art cluster (project of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodyozh)) jointly with the Main Department for Youth Policies of Chelyabinsk Region, the Satka District Development Assistance Fund and the Art-Satka creative public space will hold the Creative Projects Accelerator event Create. Satka.

In a few days, young people will learn how to build creative projects: from the idea packaging to submitting an application to the contest for grants.

The registration for the educational program is open at: https://clck.ru/39iVUm

Young people aged 18 to 35, who are active in culture, art and creative industries and live in Chelyabinsk Region are eligible for participating in the Accelerator. The training is free of charge. Just file an application on the website. The registration for the Create. Satka program is open through April 28, 2024 inclusive; the training will take place from May 23 to May 26.

The Creative Projects Accelerator Create.Satka is a free educational program of the Meganom Academy, a practical guide for writing and packaging ideas into projects that subsequently may receive funding and be implemented. The Accelerator was created specifically for young people from Russia’s regions and allows its participants to learn the basics of social project design, learn how to present their ideas in a competent manner and how to develop their public speaking and presentation skills. Within the program, the participants will create complete competitive projects for their subsequent implementation and receive useful feedback from Rosmolodyozh experts.   

To take part in the Accelerator, submit your application on the website of the Tavrida art-cluster, fill in the questionnaire form and complete a creative task. The organizers of the Accelerator review all the applications carefully and select the best using three criteria:

– professional competences: level of design skills; degree of awareness and understanding of the material and the basic aspects of design;

– creative approach: the author’s originality, uniqueness, innovation, and unconventional approach to the task;

– sophistication: correctness, completeness, presentation, conciseness.

Participants of the Accelerator propose all kinds of projects, including creative workshops for kids and adults, training courses, lectures and crush courses in various creative areas, media-schools, festivals and exhibitions, programs for psychological and social adaptation through creative practices, inclusive programs for people with disabilities, experience exchange platforms, creative labs and spaces, art-residences, urban environment improvement projects, etc.