On March 24, students and teachers from the Faculty of Philosophy of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University will start their work in Satka. Within the framework of their practice, they will create a sociocultural profile and modulate the philosophy of life in Satka. Their visit will be organized with the support from Magnezit Group from March 24 until March 30.

At present, the team of philosophers study the history of Satka and Chelyabinsk region aiming to reconstruct the objective conditions and tendencies in development of the territory; they analyze the city social medium as a source of data on actual peculiarities of the social medium. During their work in Satka, the young scientists guided by Taras Varkhotov, Candidate of Science in Philosophy, Acting Head of the Department of Philosophy and Scientific Methodology, mentor of the master’s program “Modeling of Sociocultural Processes”, plan to hold some surveys: in the street – to study the structure of the city space and related social factors, as well as interviewing the heads of the municipal administration and directors of enterprises. It is planned to collect some pieces of local folklore.

One of the meetings with the city residents will take place on March 26 in Magnezit Cultural Center at 5 p.m. It will be attended by representatives of the philosophical association of Satka, everyone interested is invited.

In the future, the materials will form the basis for the strategic model of Satka, as well as recommendations on development of the city space, social, cultural and educational policies.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov.