On March 20, a performance of the stage show For the White Rock will take place in Moscow.

On March 11, the Cultural Center at the VDNKh launched a series of shows from the cycle Voices of the Country created under the leadership of the stage director Konstantin Bogomolov, the Art Director of the Theater on Bronnaya, as part of the Russia International Exhibition and Forum. The first show – the Etiquette School – took place on March 11, directed by Talgat Batalov, with Aleksandra Rebenok as Anna Vall, the etiquette expert. The next show, scheduled for March 14, is a story of Nina Kislina, a country school teacher; the production is dedicated to Sergey Aigorov, a miner from our region.

“What do a hospital clown from Krasnoyarsk, a teacher from a village called Lokh, a miner from Satka, a garbage truck driver from Novosibirsk and a potter from the village of Gorbunki have in common? All of them have become participants in the Voices of the Country – the original project authored by Konstantin Bogolomov. The heroes of the project are ordinary Russians, whose day-to-day work is changing our lives for the better,” the press office of the project says.

The stage production about Sergey Aigorov, a worker at the Magnezitovaya Mine, was created by Ivan Minevtsev, the Chief Stage Director of the Chelyabinsk Youth Theater known in Satka for the stage projects the Fireproof and the Ledges, and the playwright Dina Safina. Their production entitled For the White Rock will be shown on the main stage of Pavilion No. 84 (Cultural Center), on March 20, at 18:00 and 20:00. Admission is free but prior registration at https://golosa-strany.ru/za-belym-kamnem is required.

The performance schedule and news about the project can be followed in the Vkontakte group and on the Telegram channel @golosa strany. These platforms will also publish interviews of the heroes of the project, photoshoots and behind-the-scenes material.


Voices of the Country is a project by Konstantin Bogomolov, the Art Director of the Theater on Bronnaya, which is being implemented with the support of the Presidential Foundation for Cultural Initiatives. In November last year, the authors of the project held a story contest and selected 12 stories out of 340 submissions. For several months, famous playwrights, stage directors and photographers were visiting the project heroes and “lived” with them for a few days, trying to learn about their work and lives as much as possible. The artists conducted stylized photoshoots, trying to get photos that convey the personalities of the project heroes.

The project has produced 12 documentary one-man stage shows that have been playing at the Russia Exhibition and Forum at the VDNKh since March 11. A book and a documentary with the stories of all the project heroes, their photoshoots and interview videos will also be produced.

Source: Magnezitovets. The photo was taken from the project site.