The Magnezit Museum took the 2nd place again in the ranking of the Corporate Museum National Award, which was made after five contests of 2018-2023.

The organizers of the national award announced the ranking: the top 25 corporate museums and the top 150 participants of all five seasons of the contest. The total score reflected the scores awarded for the frequency of participation in the competition and for prize-winning places.

The Magnezit Museum made the top three corporate museums in Russia, winning the second place. The corporate museum of Magnezit Group missed no opportunity to demonstrate its experience and its successful projects. After five contests, the museum has a number of awards, such as Exhibition of the Year (2018), Museum of the Future (2019), Development of Territories (2022), 2nd degree diplomas in the nominations Best Corporate Museum (2021) and Best Industrial Route (2023). Last year, the museum won a special prize – the golden trophy for Best Corporate Museum.

The Russian Railway Museum (Saint Petersburg) became the leader of the ranking for the second year in row. Magnezit shared the second place with Goznak's Russian Money History Museum, with the Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta Museum in the third place.

The Directorate of the award also mentioned that a total of 525 projects were submitted by 255 participants from seven federal districts of the Russian Federation in all five contests. The map of the contest features 78 cities. The largest number of participants were from Moscow (20 museums), followed by Saint Petersburg (19) and Perm (12).

In addition, the ranking became annual and is issued on the Corporate Museum Day – January 24.

Source: Magnezitovets.