Students from the graphic arts department at Yu. Rozum Children’s School of Arts No. 1 (some of them coming from families of Magnezit team members) have won prizes at several competitions which took place on the New Year’s eve. 

8th year’s alumni have won 1st Category Award Winner’s Certificates at South Urals Constellation, the 3rd international multi-genre competition/festival celebrating creativity among children, young people, and adults. They nominated their work, an animated film named Miracles Behind the Looking-Glass (directed by Vera Moshkina) under Multimedia Projects. The work was inspired by the Rock Garden installation created in 2021 in the Beryozovsky rock quarry by an artist named Vasily Kononov-Gredin.

Vera’s students, currently in their 4th year of study, won prizes at the 4th international creativity competition for children and adults, Drawing Images from a Book, dedicated to illustrative art.

All the works (some of which are shown in the picture) submitted for the creativity contest were produced under the Easel Graphics curriculum. The kids illustrated Russian folk tales: Masha and the Bear, The Wolf and the Seven Young Goats, Kolobok, and many others.

Based on the results of the Drawing Images from a Book competition, Anna Slivnitsyna, Katya Melnikova, Lera Katasonova, Ulyana Kuksenko, Bogdan Gaynetdinov, Yelizaveta Posokhina, Anna Kravchuk, Anna Balykina, Alexander Yevdokimov, and Taisia Karpova were each honored by the title of 1st Category Award Winner. 2nd category awards went to Anna Ryazanova, Katya Italyeva, and Mikhail Lichagin.

Source: Magnezitovets.