• “Refractories”

“Refractories” is the name of the directing and dramaturgy laboratory, which will take place in Satka from May 20 to 30, supported by the Magnezit Group and Satka District Development Assistance Fund.

Directors, playwrights, and theater critics will gather in town for a few days. The creative team will visit the “Magnezit” production units, get acquainted with the places of interest of the town, get immersed in the beauty of natural landscapes. The playwrights will also talk to residents of the district, and three performance sketches in the non-fiction genre will be created based on real stories from their lives.

The focus of the laboratory is the man, the plant, and the town in the context of the past and the future. And the main topic is the presence of artificial intelligence in modern life. Nothing in this world is eternal, some events replace others, robots and neural network challenge the mankind. Does the man himself change against the background of the constant development of civilization? Is it possible to live without high technology, should we oppose it, or are they our allies on the way to the future? What will the residents, the town, and the enterprises be like through the ages? In search of answers to these and other questions, the participants of the laboratory are invited to speculate.

We invite everyone (aged 14 and older) who wants to share their stories, reflect on modern trends and human values, develop and demonstrate acting skills under the supervision of professionals, present the residents with theater masterpieces about Satka.

You can act in any role – the author of the story, the interlocutor, the actor and even the assistant director.

The project promoters invite you to several meetings. Gathering of participants of the laboratory “We Are All from Magnezit” (director Vladimir Komarov, playwright Polina Babushkina, Moscow) will take place on May 21 at 10:00 in the Palace of Culture “Magnezit”.

Key topics: “My family’s work history”, “When plants were big”, “I can feel my work with my hands and i love it”, “Technology has always been and will always be, and that’s cool!”, “I control the production from my gadget”, “Robots at the plant: apocalypse or miracle?”, “Any of your stories”.

Gathering of participants of the laboratory “Artificial Intelligence” is on May 22 at 18:00 in the Palace of Culture “Stroitel”. Presenters: director Dmitry Pisarev (Chelyabinsk), playwright Igor Vitrenko (Ryazan).

Key topics: “I used to count on the abacus, and I used to draw on the drawing board”, “Suddenly the program wrote an article for me”, “My picture was drawn by a computer”, “I plant flowers using Google map”, “Exhibits can talk”, “Let’s meet on VKontakte”, “Artificial intelligence checkmated me”, “My work is now done by a machine, and I’ll get to...”, “Artificial intelligence: what profession should I study for?”, “Any of your stories”.

Gathering of participants of the laboratory “The City of Childhood and Dreams” will take place in Art-Satka on May 22 at 18:00. Presenters: director Artyom Tomilov (St. Petersburg) and playwright Yekaterina Guzyoma (Izhevsk).

Key topics: “One funny story on the street of Satka”, “Quiet Satka corners of my soul”, “I want to paint the town”, “We have seen so much happen in our Satka!” and “And what if not only Tesla, but only in Satka! Or how do you like this, Elon Musk?”, “I lack ... in the town, then I would..!”, “Because I love living here”, “Unfortunately, I’m saying goodbye, guys”, “Any of your stories”.

The result of the work will be presented to the audience in three locations: in the palaces of culture of Satka and on the territory of Magnezit. After each performance, which will take place on May 28, 29 and 30, everyone will be able to participate in the discussion with theater critics about the draft of the play. Entrance to the events is free.

Contacts for inquiries and registration: +7-951-802-18-06, v_ivshina@bk.ru, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScfwleY2bjMr...

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Source: Magnezitovets.