The project with this name is dedicated to Magnezit and is a continuation of interdisciplinary laboratory of education, culture, and art Satka.Lab. Children ages 7–14 whose parents or grandparents work or have worked at the company are invited to participate. As part of the project, Satka.Lab collects memories of Magnezit residents and asks the younger generation of Satka to talk to their relatives, for example, about how they first came to work at the plant, about any curious things that happened to them, and so on. 

Open-call dates: February 22 – March 5. Send your story to this e-mail address: olga_uralncca@mail.ru.

Following the open-call, several stories will be selected to produce the animated film Small Stories of the Big Plant. It will premiere in May 2023.

The film will be directed by Ivan Khanzhin, a graduate of the Graphic Arts and Animation Department of the Ural State University of Architecture and Arts, participant and winner of numerous competitions and festivals of animated films. The curator of the project is Olga Komleva, director of the Museum of the Underground (Yekaterinburg), stage historian, and curator of interdisciplinary projects.

Source: Magnezitovets.