Shooting of a new film has started in Satka, with actors including students of A.K. Savin Mining and Pottery Vocational College, and Magnezit Museum being one of the filming locations.

This project is a collaboration of the interdisciplinary laboratory Satka.Lab and the children’s film studio Kind Cinema (Chelyabinsk). Back in early February Olga Malakhova, the film studio's director, and Vadim Dolgovykh, actor of the Naum Orlov State Drama Theater of Chelyabinsk as well as filmmaker and screenwriter at Kind Cinema, arranged workshops in Satka on public speaking, acting, and other skills useful for aspiring actors.

Next, there was an audition for the youths of Satka District. They previously watched several films produced by Kind Cinema and then, together with Olga Malakhova and Vadim Dolgovykh, studied the specific cases of filmmaking for viewers of various age groups.

Now ten young Satka residents will be starring in the film, which shooting has started this week. Filming locations are recognizable places of Satka, because the idea of the film is to show the attractions of the town and let the residents explore the local history, stories, names, and legends. You will see the coffee shop at popular Proletarskaya street, Magnezit Museum, town’s local history museum, Little Prince garden square, other streets of the town. The film will consist of several short stories and is expected to come out this spring.

“The film about Satka is one of the products of the many months’ work of our cinema laboratory at Satka.Lab,” says Elena Subbotina, the project’s curator and director of the public art space Art-Satka, “During that time the participants attended lectures on the history of cinema in general and in Satka specifically; met actors, directors, screenwriters; dived into the filmmaking processes. For some of our young guests, the new film might become a good career start. There will definitely be new opportunities for broadening of people’s horizons, self-learning about culture, a chance to try out new roles.”

Shooting and releasing the film is only the beginning for the cinema laboratory at Satka.Lab. What lies ahead is making an animated film Small Stories of the Big Plant with Olga Komleva, director of the Underground Museum (Yekaterinburg), theater expert, curator of interdisciplinary projects.

Source: Magnezitovets.