Art-Satka public creative space hosts a video presentation of Art for the Future, the 1st International Biennale that was shown at Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow from December 21st 2021 to May 15th 2022. 

The Biennale included art projects made with the newest Industry 4.0 technology (neural networks, robotics, 3D animation, virtual and augmented reality), reflecting how technology changes the life of every person and society in general. 

Art has always depended on the level of technological progress, applying the results of scientific and technical achievements to expand the range of expressive means. New art forms have emerged this way, like photography, cinema, video art, Internet art, etc. 

We are witnesses to the radical changes in the art of the 21st century as it turns to rapidly developing modern technology. The creative methods, the form of presenting an art object, the means and channels of communication with the audience are becoming fundamentally different. The domains of artists’ creative reflection are expanding. The changes that Industry 4.0 technology brings, the rapidly accelerated pace of life shift artistic focus to the problem of the future, creating its utopian models relevant to challenges of our time: environmental issues, exploration of space, digitalization of reality, wide spread of neural networks, etc. 

Fifty-seven projects were presented within the offline programme of the Biennale, with twenty-three international projects including such renowned artists as Michal Rovner (Israel) and teamLab (Japan). Sixteen artists from Russia include domestically and internationally acclaimed alumni of Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia.

Many pieces presented at the Biennale were made by creative groups that included not only artists, but scientists and new technology experts, such as the project by Konstantin Novoselov, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2010, who cooperated with artist Kate Daudy and Stein studio for Aksenov Family Foundation biennale. 

Some of the projects were made for the Biennale specifically. These include Super Consumer by Aristarkh Chernyshev, the Network by Anna Rotayenko, Mushroom Fountain and Heavenly Petri Dish by Paruyr Davtyan, Thicket by Sergey Shutov, Work on Iron by Dmitry Kavka.

As part of the Biennale, a platform for Russian and international digital art has been launched at artforthefuture.art. 

Art Director of the Biennale: Olga Sviblova

Curators: Anna Zaytseva, Aleksey Shulgin, Maria Lavrova

Online programme curators: Oksana Chvyakina, Vladislav Aleksandrov


Photo by: Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM).