The artists Mariya Laricheva and Mariya Volokhonskaya completed the decoration of Malaya Zapan bus stop with a mosaic made out of local rock formations.

The new mosaic art-object was called “The Shiplet”. By the way, the main character is made out of snow-white Siberian magnesite. Dolomite and diabase served as an addition to the stone palette.

The idea of “decorating” the wall of the bus stop with a stone river, which forms the picture dominant – a paper shiplet – is explained by the surroundings. According to Mariya Volokhonskaya, the bus stop has a sufficiently intense and dynamic background - trains go behind it, a pond, mountains, and a forest…

“Sketching, we went off of the local conditions and the landscape,” says Mariya Volokhonskaya. “I wanted to make a sufficiently big, but simple object, solid and consisting of a number of elements. That’s how the shiplet appeared, it was a formal solution: the most part of the mosaic is on different planes due to the object construction, but in the distance the picture seems to be an integral whole.”

We got a double picture: the face walls of the bus stop partly repeat the contour of the shiplet, which occupies almost all space on the internal wall. By the way, this was the part of the work visited and shared with the young geologists.

“Cool guys, they raised our spirits a little, eagerly asked us about the work, tried splitting stones and arranging the mosaic – small, active and cheerful children. Nikolay, a local, former BelAZ driver, also visited us, treated us to coffee and cheered us up – special thanks for his kindness and care,” said Mariyas and added that the weather also gave the impressions. Especially on the last day, there was a snow fall.

“At first, that’s good that it started falling in the end of our work. And at second, it was very beautiful! Everything made the integral array: our mosaic — in white-yellow and beige colors — against the background of white snow in the autumn forest. Looks effective!”

It was the moment caught by our photographer. When we look at the bus stop from the opposite side of the road from a greater distance, an illusion is created that a white shiplet dances on the waves of the autumn scenery.


The work was created with the assistance of Sobranie Fund, Magnezit Group and the Satkinsky district administration. It is the fourth bus stop decorated in Satka by Mariya Laricheva and Mariya Volokhonskaya. The fifth object, which is also a mosaic made of local rocks, was created by the Swiss artist Dimitri Beller, who worked together with volunteers at Moya Satka festival in 2017

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov.