There will be art objects created during festivals and art residences organized by the Sobranie Fund with the support of the Magnezit Group on the visited streets of Satka.

Today, May 31, the Satka District Development Support Fund begins the next stage of improvement of the urban environment. In the spring of this year, a project seminar was held in Satka to continue improvement of the central street of the town (Proletarskaya street) and the surrounding areas, and a mass survey was held beforehand on what is lacking today. The results were summed up and in the future they will be the basis for new projects. In the meantime, the Satka District Development Support Fund has decided to diversify the street’s appearance by means of art objects created at various architectural and art festivals in Satka since 2018.

Elena Subbotina, Deputy Director of the Foundation said: “It is symbolic that the streets of Satka will be decorated by works created by the Satka residents themselves, as well as by representatives of the art world who have become friends of our city over the years. In order to acquaint residents and guests with their names in more detail, an information stand will be installed near each object.”

Among the objects there are nine installations with picturesque creations of young and adult artists of the festival “Satka - the birthplace of “Symphony of the Urals”, the international festival of street art “Satka Street Art Fest,” open air gallery of street art. Among the authors: Vera Moshkina, Valery Ulanov, children and teenagers, authors of the series “Children’s Dreams” - Sveta Tsepilova, Sofya Korochkina, Dasha Klimovich, Eseniya Tkachenko, Sonia Samigullina, Karina Farhutdinova and others.

Also, there will be “Walking stones” of the Italian artist Jakopo Mandic, fireproof matryoshki of the Swiss artist Florian Graf and joint project of Magnezit resident Denis Akhmadullin (Satka) and Yegor Larichev (Moscow) - “The rock garden” on the streets.

Art objects will appear next to the former “Charodeyka” building, at the intersection of Lenin and Proletarskaya streets, on the lawn along Molodejnaya Street from Metallurgov Street to the intersection with Proletarskaya. There will also be structural changes. The old fence on the corner of Proletarskaya and Lenin streets, as well as on Lenin Street (by its length) will disappear.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Denis Shakirov.