This is the result of a survey on tourist preferences of residents of the Southern Urals, conducted by Glav.Index telegram channel. Experts offered to answer what cities of the Southern Urals are the most interesting and prepared to welcome tourists curious about industrial history.

A total of 5,364 users took part in the voting. First place went to Satka (39 % of votes), followed by Chelyabinsk (30 %), Zlatoust (27 %), Kasli (4 %), Magnitogorsk (3 %), Miass (2 %), Kyshtym and Karabash (1 % both).

Satka district has a beautiful water pearl - a high-mountain lake Zyuratkul, which was once formed after construction of a dam, and in terms of industrial tourism - a historical and cultural complex Porogi. The Magnezit Museum with its routes around the Satka production site of the leader of refractory industry, including the sites of the Urals Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, is of great interest to fans of industrial history.

However, fans of industrial tourism have something to see in each of the cities. The Southern Urals is a region with a rich industrial history - from the Demidov plants of Kyshtym, the Zlatoust gunsmiths, creators of the legendary damask steel, to modern world-class production.

We should add that industrial tourism is already becoming one of the trademarks of our region. For example, recently a school of tour guides for industrial enterprises even began to work in Magnitogorsk.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov.