Magnezit employees took part in the project seminar Urban Environment - The Main Carrier of Meanings held at the Magnezit cultural center on 23 of March.

The seminar was a continuation of the research of public opinion about the guest street of Satka - Proletarskaya, about its further transformations and functional possibilities. The event was initiated by the Satka District Development Assistance Fund and municipal administration. The participants were the deputies, veterans, youth, representatives of various enterprises and organizations of the city and, of course, the residents of Proletarskaya Street.

Being divided into focus groups, together with experts (specialists in the field of housing, architecture and construction) residents of Satka got acquainted with the results of the survey, which was held this year by the Satka District Development Assistance Fund and in which more than 1700 people participated. Then they worked on projects for the “new Proletarskaya” and defended their proposals before the commission.

For example, a group involving the youth of Magnezit noted that the most problematic area on the main street are the garages. A modern park with a fountain and a variety of areas for active and quiet recreation could have taken their place. Some teams also suggested a similar radical solution to the problem, but there were also other opinions.

In particular, there were proposals to enclose all the garages with a hedge of greenery or to establish creative workshops in the first line, which could be transformed into retail shops to sell souvenirs and other products of local artists from the side of the guest street.

Almost all of the teams found a place for dog walking areas and suggested that transportation between the street and adjacent yard areas be improved. The students dreamed of a modern shopping and entertainment center and even a cable car. Everybody, without exception, proposed options for further landscaping and creation of new art objects.

The ideas presented at the seminar will be summarized and can be used in the future in the design of new objects of urban transformation and planning of landscaping work.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Denis Shakirov.