A Job Park has opened its doors in the Art-Satka Creative Public Space. This project has been implemented by the Development Assistance Fund of Satka District, financed by the Chelyabinsk Region Governor Grant and supported by the Magnezit Group, Sobranie Fund and municipal administration.

Head of Satka District Alexander Glazkov noted, when opening the project, that citizens of all ages got a unique opportunity to master various professional skills with expert guidance. Job Park is a real-life laboratory where visitors can try out various fields of expertise: woodworking, pottery, 3D-modeling, animation, decoration, design, tour guiding, sewing.

“This project is not like other similar ones. It is bigger than just one educational institution or short-term program. It is for a wider audience,” said the project’s supervisor, Director of the Development Assistance Fund of Satka District Yevgeny Terentyev. “One of the goals here is, of course, career guidance and useful skill building for the youth – pupils, students. We will be happy if the Park becomes a regular place for local family recreation.”

The woodworking shop was the first to open. Before getting to work, the shop moderators Pavel and Kristina Kuleshov told the visitors about wood types, its properties and features that should be considered in woodworking, described the general joint types.

“You can’t just grab a piece of wood and saw out whatever you want from it. Every woodworker has a multitude of tools, and the Art-Satka shop has everything you need, including such rare equipment as band saw for timber-cutting,” said Pavel. “I don’t have any formal education in woodworking. Everything I know I’ve taught myself. My experience comes from a lot of building. About five years ago woodworking became my hobby. I got my first tools. Now my wife and I work in our own shop, taking all kinds of orders. I am happy to share my knowledge and skills with other people.”

Although some of the first visitors were students of A.K. Savin Mining and Pottery Vocational College in Satka, pupils from the district schools who already had woodworking experience, the workshop started with simpler tasks. Guided by the moderators, the kids made bricks, cutting boards, plywood figurines.

“We will work our way to more difficult things. Our goal is to show the entire production cycle. Taking a log, cutting it into boards, making something with them and varnishing it,” added Pavel. “Some might want to build a bird table, others – a phone stand. The important thing is that our visitors understand: their efforts will translate into a result.”

“I really liked the woodworking shop at Art-Satka. I already had some woodworking practice at school: made a pencil cup and a cross-piece for Christmas tree. Here I tried wood sanding for the first time. The shop is well thought-out and entertaining, I’ll try to visit it more. I want to make a 3D plywood figurine, a pretty butterfly maybe, and give it to my Mom,” said six-grade Mezhevoy school student Roman Muslimov who attended the workshop with his grandmother, Magnezit veteran Nina Vasilyevna Gallyamova.

“How wonderful it is that people of all ages living in Satka can now learn woodworking and pottery. It is very entertaining and, I’m sure, will be useful for everyone. I didn’t have to ask my grandson twice to come here. He has time for everything: crafts, helping his father with household chores (they live in a detached house). He also plays hockey and chess,” said the boy’s grandmother.


Job Park is free for kids and adults. Art-Satka will post their open hours and activities for every week on social media. Woodworking classes with Pavel and Kristina Kuleshov are available on Saturdays 2 to 6 PM, no prior appointment is required.

Kids under 16 must be supervised by adults during their visit (parents, grandparents, teachers) or may come as an organized group.

If you’d like to attend the workshop on weekdays, please confirm your visit with the Art-Satka’s administrator over the phone: 95-4-05 or 8-919-3324255.

The classes currently available at Job Park include animation, decoration, design. In early March, Art-Satka will open a pottery shop and a 3D-modeling laboratory. Information on their open hours will follow soon.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov.