The stone laying ceremony at the site of the future sculptural composition “Thinkers” was held in the public garden of DK Magnezit today.

The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Russia Today International Press Center of Zinoviev Club, Alexander Zinoviev Biographic Institute, the administration of Satkinsky District, the Magnezit Group, the Philosophical Club, the public, as well as the city guests.

“Dear, fabulous Satka! The city that is itself an event. Everything associated with it is a discovery. Today's event occurred thanks to the initiative, gigantic enthusiasm and talent of Sergey Pavlovich Korostelev,” Olga Mironovna said, greeting the audience. “Now Satka is not only the capital of chess, but also the capital of philosophy. The idea of a sculptural composition was born as something self-evident. The answer, why Socrates and Confucius became Alexander Zinoviev's interlocutors, is simple. For Alexander Zinoviev is called the Russian Socrates in Greece, and in China – the Russian Confucius. We observe a continuous dialogue of philosophical thought from one millennium to another. The most important thing about this monument is that it will be installed in the center of civilization, at the meeting point of East and West. This project is especially valuable as the beginning of celebration of the 100th anniversary of Alexander Alexandrovich Zinoviev at the state level. I hope that Satka will continue to gift us wonderful ideas and their magnificent incarnation. Thanks to all of you, the city has a wonderful, bright, creative future.” 

The author of the sculpture devoted to the three world philosophers – Socrates, Confucius and Alexander Zinoviev – is Andrey Kovalchuk, a sculptor, People's Artist of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Artists. During the presentation of the sketch of the sculpture "Thinkers", which was held on October 19 in the museum-apartment of A. A. Zinoviev at Moscow State University, he explained the idea of his work as follows: “For me, this is a living sculptural composition: there is a conversation between three great thinkers around a philosopher's stone. The Chinese philosopher Confucius sits in the traditional lotus pose, the Greek philosopher Socrates reclines in the style of ancient symposia, and the Russian philosopher Alexander Zinoviev represents the thinker of the modern age – our contemporary.” Incidentally, on the day of laying the stone, the sketch was also presented to the citizens of Satka. In addition, all comers visited the exhibition narrating about the life of Alexander Zinoviev, which is currently located at the central entrance and in the exhibition space of the second floor of DK Magnezit.

It should be noted that the today's event was preceded by a number of important cultural and educational initiatives supported by Alexander Zinoviev Biographic Institute, the administration of the Satka District, the Development Assistance Fund of Satkinsky District, the Sobranie Fund (the Fund for the Support and Preservation of Cultural Initiatives), the Satka Philosophical Club and Magnezit Group. It should be reminded that a meeting with representatives of the Russia Today International Press Center of Zinoviev Club was held in May this year in DK Magnezit. In July, a tripartite agreement on cooperation between Alexander Zinoviev Biographic Institute, the administration of Satkinsky District and the Development Assistance Fund of Satkinsky District was signed. The parties agreed to create and implement in Satka a long-term cultural, educational and research program, including conduction of research in various areas, joint scientific and scientific and methodological programs, conferences, seminars, meetings of the Philosophical Club and other events designed for a wide range of participants. Such cooperation will help in the development of more serious intellectual activity in the District, since, according to the initiators of the new program, “Zinoviev's science of logical intelligence (intellectology) is able to increase the level of human intelligence and development of intellectual development, thanks to which we can develop the world.”


On October 1 this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian thinker, world-renowned writer and philosopher Alexander Zinoviev in 2022.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo: Vasily Maksimov