Moscow artists Mariya Volokhonskaya and Mariya Laricheva finished the mosaic that now decorates new Pervomaiskiy bus stop (near the city park).

– It’s been three weeks, without preparatory works. We worked even in snowy and cold weather. It was awesome! – briefly commented Maria Laricheva on the result of the works. Let us recall, the mosaic made of local materials, mainly magnesium carbonate, dolomite and brucite, addresses the topic of the nature and human. The artists made a split work – it is a kind of diptych with two subjects. In the center of the first one, there are a human and a bird, and the main character of the second one is a girl on the swings. "They seem to be reaching out to each other. And there is a feeling of an open book or screen curtain" – said the authors.

In the near future, the bus stop complex will be developed to be more functional.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasiliy Maksimov and Mariya Laricheva.