Within the framework of the German Culture Festival in Satka the face of School No. 5 was decorated with a mural. The painting dedicated to the 150th birthday anniversary of philosopher, publicist and public activist, Rosa Luxemburg, attracts attention of the viewers with its bright colors. However, the plot is considered by many to be a fairy tale: A small woman amongst the roses is thought to be Thumbelina.

“Rosa Luxemburg had a small height. One could really compare her to Thumbelina. Nevertheless, she made great deeds, lobbied for peaceful changes in the power structure. Despite that, she had to become the leader of the proletarian revolution. This is why in the garden she is the most scarlet of roses”, said the author of the painting, Natalia Pastukhova, a painter and illustrator from Ekaterinburg.

If one looks at the mural longer, it can be noticed that Rosa is surrounded not only by flowers, but also by hands clenched into fists like unopened flower buds.

“Fists raised up high are the symbol of unity and one of the symbols of revolution. They are depicted among the roses which have thorns, and despite their tenderness and attractiveness, can stand up for themselves”, continued Natalia and explained, why she decided to paint Rosa Luxemburg. “During the German Culture Festival we get acquainted with culture of the country, learn to see connections existing between our countries for many years. In my view, Rosa Luxemburg is one such connection. She was born in Russia, but lived abroad. She worked and stood up for the interests of people in both countries.

Source: Magnezitovets. Photo by Vasily Maksimov, Denis Shakirov.