Ural Industrial Biennial starts a program of routes to art-residence’s towns in July: Satka, Kyshtym, Chernoistochinsk. Each of the routes is a trip to the towns of the Urals, a visit to existing and abandoned plants and also an opportunity to see the first art works of the 6th Biennial.

More details about the starting in July routes:

2 days route “Yekaterinburg – Satka – Kyshtym – Yekaterinburg”.

On this route you can see open cuts of Satka's Magnezit Plant, one of the oldest hydro power plants in Russia and the only remaining palace building of the South Urals. The route is remarkable for 3 bright projects to be demonstrated in 2 days:

- a mural by Andrey Olenev, a street artist from Nizhny Novgorod, on the facade of the 14-storied high-temperature shaft furnace;

- a special project by Vasiliy Kononov-Gredin. Hundreds of circular mirrors on the territory of the huge Berezovsky quarry;

- a sculpture by Ivan Gorshkov in the bed of the Krystymka river.

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July 17–18:


July 31 – August 1


1 day route “Yekaterinburg – Kyshtym – Yekaterinburg”.

This route includes a visit to a machinery manufacturing plant usually closed to tourists and a tour guide of the historical center of the town. 

If you go to Kyshtym on July 18, you can visit a lecture by Anastasia Sosnovskaya, a popularizer of art and author of the channel @art.likbez. Anastasia will talk about the art as a system of symbols and plots, the decryption of which may lead to an answer to a question that has been haunting many people “What did the author want to say?” You can try this decryption method on a trip by studying a new sculpture by Ivan Gorshkov in the bed of the Krystymka river.

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July 18


July 24


1 day route “Yekaterinburg – Chernoistochinsk – Yekaterinburg”.

This trip is guaranteed to become a complete immersion in the hearth of Ural industry, all interested can visit the 2 oldest Ural factories of the Demidov Empire and then see the exhibition of Vadim Kondakov, where he will present the original abstract graphics created by the interaction of water, metal and fabric.

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July 25


Based on materials from the Ural Biennial website.