"Art-Satka" Creative Public Space established in YuURGU branch building starts working today. 

This space is extraordinary, vibrant, unique, multifunctional, cozy and very comfortable. Every visitor will be definitively impressed and find an epithet to describe this place. Art-Satka hospitably opens doors for those who wish to visit the place and will become a real revelation for citizens.

IMPORTANT! The space will work without days off from 8.00 am to 9.00 pm with due consideration of any and all restrictions and sanitary norms which should be observed under conditions of increased preparedness and coronavirus prevention. Free entry.

Just before the opening ceremony, Elena Subbotina, Head of Art-Satka, carried out en excursion for a Magnezitovets reporter. We use the courtyard entrance where bicycles created by artist Danila Shmelev “hover”. The first thing we pay our attention to is a big and well-grounded ramp.

It is the first ramp in this district and is made in accordance with sanitary norms and requirements recommended within the Affordable Environment Program. The door is equipped with a call button. If necessary, a security officer will help disabled people who use wheelchairs and accompany them to the entry. Besides, it should be noted that there is a wardrobe at the entrance (an open system with clothe hangers), navigation for visually impaired people is under creation”, tells Elena Yuryevna and invites us to enter a new art reality.

Right off the bat, we find ourselves in the biggest hall of Art-Satka.

There are several functional zones here. The first is a waiting zone. If you come to a workshop and you have to wait for its start or if you are waiting for a child who is making art, you can sit here, talk to other people or read books. The library is amazing, it is continuously replenished with different books. Here, you can find books for any age and taste in literature”, continues Elena Subbotina. “There is a kiosk near the library. It is not working now, everything depends on our visitors’ demands: perhaps, we will sell souvenirs or materials for workshops. The request is not ready, we are waiting for visitors’ opinions and wishes.

The first visitors who come to a new world are amazed and want to check everything, see each zone, come with children, friends, relatives... The place is amazing! There all the materials necessary for workshops and even a funny suitcase with special clothes for creating art in the co-working zone. An adjacent room is for children. It is a fairytale and bright place with cute small furniture, the second “floor” and different things for children of 3–7 years old. Adults can leave their children under teacher’s supervision. There is a playroom for teenagers with a big table, a couch with colorful pillows and storage racks with board games. Here, teenagers can watch TV (special collection of programs and movies) or use Wi-Fi.

A photo zone is also very noticeable and amazing. This is a red bath (!) filled with fried potatoes! You will ask: How?! Come and you will see everything. Besides, you can spend your time nice and profitably in our IT zone. It is equipped with 6 work places (including for visually impaired people) with computers and a printer. We also have a small kitchen where you can use a kettle, fridge, dishwasher and tableware. The calmest and quietest place is a quiet room where you can paint using sand and water, relax and take a rest. By the way, here you will feel the connection in time more than in any other place of Art-Satka.

We maximally preserved the heritage of the Soviet era — floor, columns, bathroom which you saw in the photo zone, ventilation system under the ceiling in the IT zone which became vibrant decoration elements. And this iron oven which was used at the local kitchen and which insistently wanted to stay here: it does not fit any doorways and turned to be very heavy! It was repainted, all doors were closed to preserve safety, and now it is an original art object”, the head of creative public space continues surprising us.

And, at last, we enter the cinema auditorium which is the most spacious area which can be easily transformed. Here, you can get cozy on a two-level raised floor, move tables and chairs, organize film shows, lectures, conferences, seminars and other public events. Along the entire perimeter of this zone, a muffling system will be installed so that people with impaired hearing can spend their time here.

And there is more! There is a zone for a coffee bar, it will start working a bit later, and for now you can work or spend your time with friends in this cozy place. Perhaps, it will be selected by football lovers since a green field is located in the center of the room (of course, we are talking about a board game which is also pretty excitable).

An administer and a moderator will work with visitors. They will show everything, tell you about the place and offer an activity taking into account your interests. 

We are open! Surely, it is a long-waited event, and during the last week everybody asked: when?! Now we are waiting for you and invite you to come to Art-Satka!” says Elena Subbotina. “However, taking into account the epidemiologic situation, we invite individual visitors and small groups up to five people. We will employ such variants and forms of activities in order to ensure the recommended safe distance. Soon, we will have a telephone and a group in social networks. Stay tuned. Welcome!


Sobranie Fund received the grant of the President of the Russian Federation in order to establish Art-Satka creative public space. The project is supported by the Administration of Satkinsky District and Magnezit Group. 

The area for a new object was selected taking into account logistics and accessibility for residents. YuURGU branch building is located in the downtown, there are administrative buildings, educational institutions, art objects, parks near the place. So, it may become a mecca for residents and tourists.

Let us remember that the goal of establishing Art Satka creative public space is to organize a modern platform for social, cultural and intellectual leisure among residents of Satkinsky District. There are several functional zones equipped with multimedia equipment as well as with equipment for disabled people. It is planned that Art-Satka will become not only the place for spending time but a convenient communication platform aimed at forming and developing public initiatives, exchanging knowledge and information, organizing various events for different audience.

"Art-Satka" in social networks: FacebookVKInstagram. Website - https://www.artsatka.com/


Photo by Vasily Maksimov and Denis Shakirov.