September 9, «World Without Borders» Exhibition by Lubov Vishnevskaya was opened in Magnezit Museum. 

The world seen by Lubov Vishnevskaya is endless, just like her talent. Lyubov Mikhaylovna Vishnevskaya, Honoured Artist of Russia, the laureate of state prize of the RSFSR in the field of culture, had been starring in Omnibus Zlatoustovsky State Drama Theatre. 

During her actor years, she started painting in crayons. “I’ve never thought I would paint, and that it will go beyond a hobby of mine to become my real work I’ve already succeeded in. I started drawing while working in the theatre, during the rehearsals,” – this is what Lubov Vishnevskaya tells about her passion. Pen drawings gradually gave place to fully-fledged pictures painted with pastel and partially water colors.

The actress was inspired by famous graphic artists Paul Gauguin and Henri Matis. Based on their research and her own preferences, she uses pure color and clear, sometimes sophisticated lines in her works.

Exhibitions by Lubov Vishnevskaya were held in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust. Her works are owned by people from Germany and the USA. 

The "World without Borders" exhibition includes pastel and pencil paintings.

The exhibition will continue until October 10.

Photo by Vasily Maximov.