• Music in all its manifestations

Satka, the South Urals town, will host a big event again. July 19 – 21, it will become the site of the Obraztsova International Classical Music Festival “Carmen”, for the third time. 

Events of the summer debut season of Carmen will tightly intervene with the traditional ceremony of celebrating the Steel Worker Day, and the audience will grasp how deeply music can penetrate into our life, and how beautiful even the most unexpected musical forms can be. 

The first event of the festival will become opening of the photo exhibition – "Theatres, Roles, Spectators..." – devoted to the 80th anniversary of E. V. Obraztsova. Her brilliant career has embraced multiple scenes and stages of the most world-famous opera theatres and concert halls, but some of them are true milestones for either the world music history, or for Elena Vasilievna herself. The exhibit will tell of the theaters and halls, where the great singer started her creative way, where she performed solo for the first time, where the world fame found her, and where she always enjoyed performing at. 

The first day of the festival will come to an end under the stars of the July Urals sky. Famous classical works, hits of the world cinema and popular music will be performed by the soloists and the symphonic orchestra of the Glinka’s Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet in the open-air scene.  This evening, the wide-range program of music will unite lovers of quite different genres. 

Music accompanies us since our youngest years. Many people cherish their warm memories associated with heroes and songs of their favorite musical cartoons: "How the Lion Cub and the Turtle were Signing the Song", "The Musicians of Bremen", "the Flying Ship" and many others. Both adults and children will have an opportunity to travel to the kind-hearted world of the Soviet and Russian animation in the open-air musical film theatre. The program goes beyond the show to include interesting communication and games before every movie.

"My Carmen" opera film (1977) will follow the animation-based concert. Main characters of the film are wayward Carmen performed by Elena Obraztsova and boisterous Don Jose (by Vladimir Atlantov). Extracts from the original novella by Prosper Merimee and the most famous arias from the same-name opera by Georges Bizet that became milestones for the great singer will be performed in this chamber teledrama. 

Festivity of the classical music in its entire greatness will sound in the principal hall of Magnezit Cultural Center. It will house the Gala Concert of Carmen Festival dedicated to the greatest composer that contributed significantly to the Russian and world music culture — Pyotr Tchaikovsky. This choice is not accidental. Everybody knows commitment of Elena Vasilievna Obraztsova to the classical Russian opera. Music of P. I. Tchaikovsky continuously accompanied her entire creative way. Elena Vasilievna Obraztsova first performed the role of the Countess from "The Queen of Spades" at the age of 25, and consistently performed it with the well-deserved success throughout her career. And her intonations in Tchaikovsky’s romances are considered to be unsurpassed masterpieces of the chamber art. 

In the first part of the Gala Concert, the chosen works of the great composer will be performed, including fragments from the ballets ("The Swan Lake", "The Nutcracker and The Sleeping Beauty", arias from the operas of "Iolanta", "Eugene Onegin", "The Queen of Spades"). Opera roles will be performed by the soloists of the Chelyabinsk Opera and Ballet, and Tatyana Bikmuhametova (soprano), a talented young singer from Satka.

During the second part, a famous virtuoso piano player Yuri Rozum, People’s Artist of Russia, and the symphonic orchestra of the Glinka’s Chelyabinsk State Academic Opera and Ballet will perform The First Concert of Tchaikovsky — one of the jewels in the crown of the world classical music. Intense narration, beauty of the melody, lyrics, strength and high complexity of the performance technique of this work have made it a favorite by both the musicians and audience. 

The last day of Carmen will be full of discoveries and experiments. The sites of music and art picnic will be deployed around the Cultural Center. Its title – Music and… – reflects the main subject of this year’s Festival: music in all its manifestations. Every participant will be able to see the music, to touch the music and to create it by playing amazing music instruments.

As if accompanying to all picnic events, Her Majesty Music will reign in the main scene – instrumental melodies will interchange with voice parts. Yuri Rozum and Tatyana Bikmuhametova will perform for the spectators. Their fine lyrical program will allow nobody to stay indifferent and will set the mood for the entire festival.

The music and academic painting will join together in the site, where Aleksandr Shilov, a Russian landscape painter, will supervise a unique plein-air. Even those, who have never stood in front of the drawing easel, will be able to try their hand in painting.

The program of The Tenors of the XXI Century art project, during which soloists of the reputable Moscow and European opera theatres will perform children songs that enjoy everybody’s love, will become another moment to remember during the music and art picnic. This is exactly how their program is called – For Children. 

The interactive areas, thematic master classes and various laboratories will help both adults and children develop a new look at the everyday life, to deeper grasp the world of music, environment and themselves. 

The bright finale of the third day of the festival will be the fascinating performance of "Proletarian Tango" retro orchestra. Well-liked hits in the modern adaptation will be performed in the warm atmosphere of the evening concert under the open sky.  This is what actors of the team say about themselves: “We are the reflection of these songs. Everything we sing about is our values. Friendship, devotion, love, honest and true hearts... Will this ever lose importance and become old-fashioned?” 

The summer season of Carmen will open a new page in the Festival history. Interlaced genres, a variety of events and truly light mood will awake in the heart of every guest and will present with unforgettable hours of music surround. It will be the debut of Carmen summer seasons, which, we are sure, will hold its place in the heart of every festival participant.


About the Festival:

"Carmen", the Obraztsova International Classical Music Festival, was established in 2017 by the Sobranie Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund with support from the Chelyabinsk Region Governor. The Festival name was given in memory of the great Russian singer, Elena Vasilevna Obraztsova. The world music community sees the image of Carmen she has created as the best and unrivaled.

Enlightenment ideals and tasks of the festival have been keenly expressed in its logo – “Great Art to Small Towns”. Events of the festival hosted by Satka, the South Urals town, unfold not only in the atmosphere of theatres and cultural centers, but also in the urban environment – in parks and squares, and in the production facilities specifically equipped for this purpose and turned into public spaces. Most events are free for spectators, and the variety of forms make the festival close to both adults and children. 

Annually, over five thousand people across the mining area of the Southern Urals become guests and participants of this event. On separate occasions, the festival site hosted performances of the leading directors and actors: Konstantin Orbelyan, Veronika Dzhioeva, Vladislav Karklin, Polina Osetinskaya, Dmitry Makhtin, Dmitry Vargin, Lyudmila Zhitsova and others. 

2019 – the year of the 80th anniversary of  Elena Vasilievna – will become the brightest in the festival history, since it will be held under the sign of special recognition of her unique talent and unforgettable love for the great actor and teacher.