Please meet new residents of Magnezit Museum — Robonova-1 small robots. From now on, the corporate museum keeps pace with departments of Magnezit Group, where robotics has been employed since long ago and is supplemented by modern innovations.

State-of-the-art androids have been purchased by Sobranie Fund for the museum in the context of cooperation with Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University, whose representatives run one of the sites of the Festival of Education and Science held the last year, and introduced Satka’s youth to the android concept. The manufacturer of the new arrival is NPO Androidrnaya Techknika (Magnitogorsk) engaged in creating androids and integration of robotics systems in life pattern of people.

Mechanic “people” are about 30 cm tall and are managed by the remote control. They are real fidgets capable of not only making simple movements, but complicated sport and dance performances.

No doubt, they will become good friends with young guests of the museum. And they will set great example helping to grasp, what robotics and mechatronics are, and how this equipment helps modern manufacture.

– Currently, museum employees master robotics, study all its capabilities and develop interactive programmes for children of different ages, – says Galina Golovko, head of Magnezit Museum. - The robots will be used in new programmes of the Young Scientists Club, when children, during the club meetings, come to better understanding of the production-related processes due to simple experiments and tests.

Anna Philippova. Photo and video by Vasily Maximov.