• Exhibition “Railcar from Childhood”

“Railcar from Childhood,” an exhibition of photographs by Sabbatius (Sevostyanov), hieromonk of the Valaam Monastery of the Transfiguration of the Saviour, will open in the Magnezit Museum on January 21.

Works of Father Sabbatius were already exhibited in Satka. The remarkable project of the “photo-chronicler of monastic life” entitled “Paths of the Holy Mountain. From Mount Athos to Valaam” was seen by many not only in Russian cities, but also abroad. In addition, the book-album of textual and photographic images of the Hieromonk’s journey to Holy Athos was released in November 2017, with support of the Sobranie Fund.

The photo-project “Railcar from Childhood” is based on another idea.

“The “Railcar from Childhood” is the Book of Short Stories, or rather the Book of Life. With man’s birth, the railcar of his life sets out to a very long journey of learning, discoveries, joys and upsets. All events in his life, meetings, revelations and disappointments get into his savings box, the baggage of his life. The railcar rushes through time, flies through spaces: now it speeds up, then it slows down”. 

Eight short photo-stories, including “Kindergarten,” “Mellow Season,” “Loneliness” and “Railcar from Childhood” which had set the entire exhibition’s title, like pages of book, tell about childhood, old age, and creative search. Characters on the photographs live rushing through life. And each their look brings you into long immersion in yourself, in the baggage in your “railcar,” and makes you try to answer the main question of life.

The exhibition will open on January 21, at 17:30. Creative meeting with the author, hieromonk Sabbatius, will also be held on the opening day. Free admission.

The exhibition will close on February 27.