"Magnezit" Museum in Satka opens two new exhibitions for children and adults. 

The Absentminded Fellow

The interactive exposition is devoted to adventures of the Absent-Minded Fellow from Basseynaya Street, a charming eccentric and a great bumble man from the stories of Soviet children’s poet Samuil Yakovlevich Marshak.

First appeared in the beginning of the 1920s in An Incident in a Tram poem the Absent-Minded Fellow has become one of the main characters of the poet. The Absent-Minded Fellow undergoes the most incredible adventures to which the visitors of the exhibition are to submerge: from the communal flat they will have to hurry to catch a tram, then to go to a railway station from which everyone following all amazing and funny situations will arrive to their unusual station. To reach the final destination the visitors will have to investigate, puzzle out and even correct some mistakes of the Absent-Minded Fellow. For example, to think about the usage of unknown objects, to invent fantastic words, to walk down the map of the town and puzzle out where to buy a bottle of kvas, a train ticket and even an elephant.

The exhibition project was developed in "F.M. Dostoevsky Literature Memorial Museum" in Saint-Petersburg to the 130th anniversary of S.Ya. Marshak. The exhibition was introduced in Satka by Maria Vladimirovna Mikhnovets, the author of the concept, a research assistant of Dostoevsky Museum and the curator of programmes for children. 

Work shop for teachers and children’s library staff How to Use a Children’s Exhibition as a Takeoff Runway for Child Imagination: Experience of Dostoevsky Museum will be also held in the framework of the exhibition. The work shop will discuss how to create a space to submerge a child into the logic of the text, to boost child creative work and imagination. 

A special place in the workshop will be devoted to Literature Baggage school and museum cooperation project aimed at guiding the school children in careful reading of the literary text and making an imaginative space of the book using details and images.

Dostoevsky. Life and Works exhibition

Mobile exhibition "Dostoevsky. Life and Works" has been developed by Dostoevsky Museum in St. Petersburg. Twenty stands tell about the main episodes of the writer creative development and biography. 

The exhibition includes digital copies of lithographs, fine prints and photos of the 19th century complemented with extracts from memories of the contemporaries, sayings of Dostoevsky himself and brief comments. The visitors of the exhibition will learn about the childhood of the writer, the beginning of his literary work, membership in Petrashevtsy society, tragic events of the mock execution and penal colony, travelling in Europe and the work on the novels of so calls Great Pentateuch. 

The exhibitions will be open from 5 December to 15 January. 

Photos by Galina Golovko