Since September 28 until October 3, the Days of Swiss Culture will take place in Satka for the third time. 

The festival is organized by the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Russia, Prohelvetia Arts Council, Local Government of the Satka Municipality, Sobranie Cultural Initiative Supporting & Preservation Fund and Magnezit Group. 

The two sites – Magnezit Museum and Magnezit Cultural Center – will open new facets of the cultural phenomenon of Switzerland. 

The honored guest of the festival, Mod Mobiar, attaché for cultural relations of the embassy of Switzerland will open the festival September 28. 

The exhibition of the world largest collection of Swiss posters, People’s Voice, held in Magnezit Museum is intended to tell of the society of Switzerland, its evolution, traditions and tendencies. The showroom presents the most remarkable campaigning posters of referendums and popular initiative since 1918 until now. Posters that supporters or opponents of a certain draft law use to fight for the votes of electors are a unique primary source of history. “It’s only at first sight that the exhibition tells of the political system of Switzerland, – explained Elena Naumova, head of the department of culture of the Embassy of Switzerland, — but the heart is the fine arts aspect that allows these posters to retain their enchantment even now, intensely affecting the viewer. And they are presented not chronologically, but grouped in sections of graphic arts. Their names speak for themselves: Enemy Images, Hands to Speak, Close-Up, Men and Women, Swiss Myth etc. A separate section is devoted the posters in the comics style. 

September 28 (5 p.m.), the main hall of Magnezit Cultural Center will become the venue for the piano concert of a young performer Aglaia Graf, an award winner of internationally recognized contests. She will perform pieces by E. Grieg, F. Schubert, F. Martin, A. Ginastera and other great composers. And September 29, Aglaia will have a master class for young Satka musicians.

The modern Swiss cinema industry examines burning global issues and local stories. September 29 – October 3, Magnezit will broadcast five full-length films of how fragile nature is, about relations with the surrounding world and the future of the mankind. Heidi is a fiction classics for children telling about a girl Heidi and idyllic life in the Alps. Alptraum: the Last Great Adventure is, on the contrary, a truthful movie of how romantic illusions in the mountain beauties of Switzerland can translate into stark reality. The other two documentaries — More than Honey and Hoping for the Future (Futur d'espoir) — are the films where filmmakers approach effects of human intrusion in the environment from different sides. Hiver nomade is a philosophical adventure documentary telling of the winter trip of shepherds and their cattle through the mountains. The movie gets us back to the roots and poses unexpected questions of where the modern society heads for.

The poster exhibition will last until October 28.

Photo by Elena Nikitina.