October 5 and 6, Satka will house the Festival of Education and Science. The Festival was organized by the Russian Academy of Education and the Government of the Chelyabinsk Region. October 5, Boris Dubrovsky, the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region, will grant the prizes to award winners of the First Russian Competition of School Students’ Research Papers "The History of Home Area is the History of Motherland".

Education Issues

The first day of the Festival, October 5, is devoted to discussing burning issues of education that will be held in the halls of Magnezit Cultural Center.

The round table of the Russian Academy of Education will start the Festival with discussing today’s issues of education and upbringing. The topic of the round table is Upbringing Issues: the Role of Family and School. 

“The issues of upbringing in school and family are particularly important. Of course, the family retains the priority in what refers to upbringing. But the school has huge potential to build genuine trustful relations with a child. And the innovative educational best practice of building such relations has been already developed. It is necessary to share and implement this knowledge”, – tells Artur Rean, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Chairman of the Russian Academy of Education Research Council for Family and Childhood.

Discussions about upbringing and learning children will be continued October 6, during the discussion meeting of the Russian Academy of Education Research Council for Family and Childhood. The meeting is to begin 11:00 a.m. in the events hall of Stroitel Cultural Center.

About the Home Area

4:00 p.m., Stroganov Readings will start. This is an applied science conference devoted to the role of the Stroganovs in History of Russian Education and Science featuring Stroganov Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts and the Russian History Society. 

The highlight of the Festival is the prize award ceremony for winners of the First Russian Competition of School Students’ Research Papers, The History of Home Area is the History of Motherland. The competition began January 20, 2018. All in all, over 300 student papers from 48 regions of our country were submitted to the competition. Leningrad Region, Moscow Region, Chelyabinsk Region, Samara Region and Republic of Dagestan are leaders in number of submissions. The award ceremony will take place in the lounge of Magnezit Cultural Center at 6.00 p.m.

Simple about Complicated

Science is extremely multi-faceted. Our life is governed by the laws and phenomena the scientists have been researching for years. Modern science has reached the highest level in digital technologies, medicine, astrophysics, neurophysiology, genetics and many other fields. 

The purpose of the second day of the festival is to tell everybody, in the clear and accessible language, and to show what scientists and representatives of other professions do, how research improves quality of life, what perspectives it opens to contemporary people.

That is why, October 6, Stroitel Cultural Center invites all Satka children to visit the interactive scientific site, where everyone will be able to see and touch physical processes,  create a robot or launch a chemical reaction. The event organizers believe that science can also inspire the choice of future career and professional goal. That is why the site also offers Orientir vocational guidance testing. 

Will a computer be able to think like a person? This is the crucial question for thousands of IT researchers, or to be more exact, for those involved in creating artificial intelligence. Today, many technologies we have already got used to are already based on the algorithms of the so-called machine learning. Alphago film will tell about preparation to and fight between a person and a computer in the most humane game – go. The film show will start 7.00 p.m. (October 5) in the lounge of Magnezit Cultural Center.

“One day. One planet. Unbelievable miracles” is the guiding idea of the documentary called “The Earth: One Astonishing Day”. Life in the African savanna, on the uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean, in forests of Asia and in the sea bottom unfolds following the laws of an edge-of-your-seat action, a sentimental melodrama or a breathtaking thriller. The miracles have never been closer. You can see the film in Stroitel Cultural Center October 6, 4.00 p.m.

Photos by Elena Nikitina, Ksenia Maximova, Svetlana Perfilieva, Anna Filippova, organizers.